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Have you been thinking about CBD oil?  It’s no wonder – CBD oil has recently gained tons of attention in both Colorado and the entire nation because of its widely publicized health benefits. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of hype but not a lot of information. This article will help explain what you need to know about CBD oil in the state of Colorado so that you can use this information to decide what you can or cannot do in the “Centennial State.”

Ih this guide you will learn

  • What Is CBD Oil and How Can I Benefit from It?
  • Why Is It Hard to Find CBD Oil?
  • History of CBD Oil Legalization in Colorado
  • Current Legal Status of CBD Oil in Colorado
  • Why Can’t I Grow My Own CBD Oil in Colorado?
  • Where You Can Buy CBD Oil in Colorado

What Is CBD Oil and How Can I Benefit from It?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the best-known cannabinoids
found in marijuana and hemp plants. Another famous cannabinoid is
tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has mind-altering effects on its users. CBD
doesn’t have those same mind-altering effects, but it has many medical uses.

What Is CBD Oil
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To go more in-depth:

The human body has a special system (called an
endocannabinoid system) which regulates different functions, such as body
temperature and mood. CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids in hemp and marijuana
interact with this system. These cannabinoids produce a variety of therapeutic
effects, such as combating inflammatory diseases (arthritis, diabetes, and
autoimmune diseases, for example), mental health disorders (depression,
psychosis, and insomnia, for example), and reducing the effects of cancer. All
of these benefits (plus many more) explain why people are rushing to use CBD
oil to improve their health.

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Why Is It Hard to Find CBD Oil?

CBD oil can be extracted from either hemp or marijuana plants, which is also the reason it can be hard to get your hands-on good CBD oil in Colorado. Marijuana is highly regulated, so marijuana CBD oil can only be bought from licensed dispensaries whose products have been tested and approved. To add to this conundrum, some people still think that CBD oil is marijuana, which means they often make it hard for those who wish to use it and access it.

History of CBD Oil Legalization in Colorado

Colorado is a model state for marijuana and hemp law reform
in the entire country. Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2000 and, in
2014, recreational marijuana became legal for adults who are age 21 or older.
The state holds the record for being the first to legalize adult-use,
recreational marijuana in the U.S.

History of CBD Oil in Colorado
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In 2018, hemp became legal federally, which means that hemp
and its products are legal in Colorado as well as everywhere else in the U.S.

Current Legal Status of CBD Oil in Colorado

Hemp-derived CBD oil is legal for anyone to buy and use in Colorado, but marijuana-derived CBD oil can only be obtained from a licensed cannabis dispensary. This means that it is legal to purchase hemp-derived CBD oil anywhere in Colorado.

Why Can’t I Grow My Own CBD Oil in Colorado?

One of the primary reasons it may be hard for you, as an individual, to grow hemp plants to extract CBD oil is the difficulty of getting seeds or plant clones with high enough CBD levels. Without having the proper equipment and seeds (with the right genetics, which should also be verifiable), it’s impossible to start growing marijuana or hemp plants for its CBD oil.

Unable to grow in Colorado
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Secondly, the laws in Colorado restrict how many marijuana
plants someone can grow for their own use. Only 3 of the 6 permitted marijuana
plants can be budding at any given time. Plus, what you collect from these
plants is simply not going to be enough to be of any use for extracting CBD

What about growing a lot of hemp plants instead? Hemp is
still a novel crop, having been legalized federally in 2018. Despite this,
there are still plenty of hoops to jump through to get the appropriate license
from the Department of Agriculture. It’s not a feasible grow-at-home project.

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Even if you did successfully grow plants for their CBD oil, you would still have trouble accurately measuring the concentration of CBD in the oil, since the sophisticated equipment you would need is not available for the average person to get. You don’t want to spend all of that time, only to find out that it’s not strong enough to actually have any therapeutic benefits, do you?

Where You Can Buy CBD Oil in Colorado

Hemp-derived CBD oil is readily available in countless
retail stores in Colorado. However, these products aren’t regulated the way
marijuana-derived CBD oil found in licensed cannabis dispensaries is. Proceed
at your own risk.

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