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Legislation in Washington State to allow qualified medical marijuana patients to purchase their medicine tax free has been passed by the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee.

Senate Bill 5234 was filed by Senator Karen Keiser (D) along with a bipartisan group of three other lawmakers. It was passed by the Labor and Commerce Committee today, sending it towards a vote by the full Senate.

The measure states that “Qualifying patients or designated providers who have been issued a recognition card, are exempt from the 37 percent excise tax on purchases of marijuana concentrates, useable marijuana, or marijuana-infused products, if the products have been identified by DOH as beneficial for medical use and are purchased from a marijuana retailer with a medical marijuana endorsement.”

Each seller making exempt sales “must maintain information establishing eligibility for the exemption in the form and manner required by the LCB.”

For the full text of the bill, click here.

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