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Doctors working for the Department of Veteran Affairs might soon be able to recommend medical marijuana to their patients.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer will definitely go down in the history books as one of the politicians who fought for the people and not the companies.

In the 115th Congress, he was one of the very few representatives that introduced bills related to marijuana and its legality on a federal level.

Just a couple weeks ago, Rep. Blumenauer filled the H.R. 420 bill, or “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act”.

VA might increase spending

According to Military Times, the VA will be soon getting a significantly deeper pocket as President Trump suggested a nearly 10% larger VA budget than before.

This year’s budget will be increased up to $216 billion, which is an increase of $19 billion or 9.5% from fiscal 2019. The VA budget has been steadily increasing since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan started, and haven’t since seen significant cuts.

According to reports from the Military Times, the 2020 fiscal budget request is nearly double the total funding VA received 10 years ago, and more than four times the total in fiscal 2001, when the entire budget was about $45 billion.

With these budgetary increases most likely passing all the necessary channels, there will surely be enough room to squeeze in medical marijuana benefits.

Seeing how 82% of veterans would like to have medical marijuana available as a part of their post-war treatment, it is unclear why the VA is still not allowed to recommend and/or prescribe it.

Last year, Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) tried to pass a bill called the “Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act,” however it didn’t really make a big impact.

Veterans Equal Access Act

The Veterans Equal Access Act, or H.R.1119, is the name of the bill that Rep. Blumenauer is trying to push through this time. In fact, he’s been pushing for this bill ever since he first introduced it in 2013.

“This legislation would guarantee our veterans fair and equal treatment, along with the ability to consult with their own physician on all treatment options,” Blumenauer said

Now that the former House Rules Committee chairman Pete Sessions is out of the picture the bill has a serious chance to pass all the way to the Presidents desk.

Let us remind you that Rep. Sessions used to block any and every bill that came to him and his committee as an attempt to prologue this senseless prohibition.

If this bill passes all loops and hoops it should be one of the more significant pro-people bills passed during Trump’s time in the Oval office.

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