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  • Senate Approves MMJ Bill
  • Families plea for lawmakers to pass MMJ bill
  • Summary of MMJ Legalization Efforts


  • Rep. Don Young sent constituents survey on whether vets should get MMJ


  • Ballot measure endorsed by former backers of rival campaign
  • Warning labels, tax, MMJ studies get tentative House OK
  • House allows children with autism to access MMJ
  • Large cannabiz positioned to dominate rec market


  • Cannabiz Sees Boosted Sales to ‘Ease Minds’ About Coronavirus
  • Nearly All Patients With Vaping Lung Injuries Used Black-Market THC
  • In San Francisco, cannabiz hasn’t hit the highs expected
  • Local San Diego Testing Lab Releases Alarming Vape Results
  • LA Marathon’s First Cannabis Sponsor
  • California passes $1 billion in cannabis tax revenue


  • Cannabis and Fashion are a Joint Effort in Denver
  • Legalization Caused $130M Boost at Denver Hotels
  • Ag Committee to let cannabiz adopt crop loss measures


  • Senate approved bill to fix glitches in state’s hemp law
  • THC cap for medical pot passes House
  • Bringing Hemp Into Prisons, Jails Could Become Felony
  • Why 2020 legalization failed in the Sunshine State


  • Legislation rolling along
  • Pot, hemp bills advance


  • House Committee voted to kill Senate-passed hemp bill
  • Idaho to remain 1 of 2 states to keep hemp production illegal


  • Dept Of Human Services Answers Pot Questions
  • Millions In Pot Proceeds Will Go To Disproportionately Impacted Areas
  • With permits issued, the race is on to build new weed shops
  • Legal weed prices remain high, sending some back to illicit dealers
  • Illinois sells $1 million in legal cannabis—per day


  • Learn to be an industrial hemp producer from experts
  • A look at Indiana’s path to legalization


  • Hemp season threatened because feds haven’t OKd state’s plan
  • Farmers still face hemp production hurdles
  • Legalize cannabis to boost farm economy
  • House passed bill allowing patients to obtain 4.5 grams of THC/ 90 days
  • MMJ expansion bill advances to Senate


  • Legislators Move To Establish Cannabis Research Center
  • Sen. Mills outlines opposition to MMJ bill
  • KY Hemp Works advocates for latest hemp bill
  • Senate Judiciary Chair says he’s not blocking MMJ bill from getting a vote
  • Dems launched online petition to legalize MMJ
  • Ofc of Drug Control Policy: Low adolescent cannabis use rates threatened by legalization


  • Woman arrested after $5,000 bail money had a strong odor of cannabis


  • Univ of Integrative Health: new program in Cannabis Science
  • Bizman pleaded guilty to charges related to efforts to obtain MMJ biz licenses
  • Senate Committee held a hearing on expungement bill


  • Michigan To Phase Out Caregiver Sales To Dispensaries
  • Budding recreational industry off to a slow start
  • Michigan Made $5 Million in Weed Taxes So Far
  • Cannabis Sales Growth to Get a Helping Hand
  • Recreational Pot Gets Win-Lose In Detroit On Election Day


  • Hemp growers and processors must apply by March 31


  • MMJ vote: Lawmakers shouldn’t cloud issue at ballot box
  • House passes alternative MMJ initiative to be listed alongside original
  • MMJ: Supporters say legislative move is spoiler for initiative


  • MMJ roll out spurs sharp words
  • MMJ expo shows Missouri ready to meet demand
  • Patients And Caregivers Learn The Basics Of Growing At Home
  • Activists collected 50,000+ signatures for legalization ballot measure
  • Webster Groves City Council gave initial approval to decrim
  • House Dem leader said rollout of MMJ program has been atrocious
  • Senate passed ban on MMJ candies


  • USDA Approves New Regulations For Hemp Producers


  • Tax Commish chair has authority to negotiate on behalf of cannabis regulators

 New Mexico

  • NM ranks high in new cannabis study
  • Court asked whether MMJ is exempt from gross receipts taxes
  • New Mexico: Cannabis Industry Warily Watches Virus

 North Dakota

  • MMJ Program Sees Increase in Enrollment


  • Legalization petitions for fall election issue rejected


  • Pot entrepreneurs find Oklahoma a perfect environment
  • State MMJ director previews changes
  • House allows MMJ home delivery
  • Senate redirect some MMJ tax revenue toward schools
  • Family opens dispensary to improve neighborhood economy


  • Deadlock may derail expanded hemp authority
  • Hemp boom brings new assistant watermaster to Southern Oregon


  • State set to launch cannabis research at 8 universities
  • University Makes Way for Hemp
  • Judge heard arguments re: firing of Water & Sewer Authority worker over MMJ
  • Bethlehem police are still using state law to make arrests
  • Every MMJ patient who drives is a DUI target

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