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Heady Vermont are streets ahead of the rest of us with what’s happening state by state on the east coast. Tipping point is likely tp be reached by the end of this year so it is worth keeping an eye on the minutae and HV provide great info

Here’s their updates from the past week

New England


  • Lawmaker leading legalization “the votes aren’t’ there” in the legislature
  • Public Hearing on Bill to End Prohibition
  • Supporters to Hold Pre-Hearing Press Conference Monday at 9:30 a.m


  • Plans for special cannabis crimes unit sparks outrage
  • Bills face roadblocks in Augusta
  • State’s MMJ market much bigger than anyone realized
  • Portland City Council committees approved a local cannabiz licensing plan


  • Cannabiz plans to sell apparel online to support local non-profits
  • How Can MA Achieve Pot Shop Equity?
  • Lawmakers to “provide addit.enforcement tools to address illicit market”
  • ~200 people led in part by Church protest approval of rec shop
  • More aggressive tax collections from unlicensed sellers recommended
  • Cambridge reverses stance, will consider cannabis applications
  • Cities And Towns Demand Large Payouts From Cannabis Companies

 New Jersey

  • Insurance companies can’t be punished for working w/cannabiz
  • Democratic congressional candidate Amy Kennedy, wife of prohibitionist organization Smart Approaches to Cannabis cofounder Patrick Kennedy, is supporting federal cannabis rescheduling—a stance opposed by her husband’s group.

 New York

  • Cannabis Could Be Legalized In New York Within Weeks
  • Could Adult-Use Legalization Help Stop NY’s Population Exodus?
  • Moms To Cuomo: Legalize cannabis To Protect Our Kids
  • Voters support legalizing cannabis, 55%-40%.
  • Gov. wnon’t sample on tour of legal states, will bring a “taster” with him
  • New cannabis czar calls recreational the ‘right thing to do’
  • Hemp boom turned into an early bust

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