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Travel Joint takes the mind on a trip beyond the clouds. It
delivers a stimulating head high that uplifts the mood while keeping the body
afloat and energized. At the comedown, it introduces a stress-crushing buzz
that gently cradles one to sleep. As such, it can be used at any time of the

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To create Travel Joint, Green Life Productions used two illustrious strains. First is Alien Star Dawg, a Sativa-dominant bud that lent its fruity flavors and uplifting head-to-toe high. Meanwhile, the second genetic base is the Indica-leaning Monster Cookies. It enhanced its citric undertones while adding a tranquilizing sedation to its offspring’s effects.

One of the unique qualities that Travel Joint is that its
breeders cultivated it in a No-Till environment, which is a sustainable way of
growing cannabis. The soil is usually healthier too as nature takes its course
therefore, no chemicals are used. Although Green Life Productions officially
lists Travel Joint as a well-balanced hybrid, majority of its phenotypes lean
slightly toward Sativa.

Information About Travel Joint Strain

ORIGIN Alien Stardawg and Monster Cookies
EFFECTS Uplifted – 10
Happy – 9
Relaxed – 7
Focused – 7
Aroused – 6
FRAGRANCE Pungent, earthy, citrus, lemon, lime, mint
FLAVORS Lemon, lime, sweet, fruity, earthy, mint
Dry eyes – 1
MEDICAL Fatigue – 10
Stress – 7
Headaches – 3
Insomnia – 3
Depression – 1
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOOR Mid-October to early November
CBD % Unknown
INDOOR YIELD 12 to 14 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 14 ounces or more per plant
CLIMATE Temperate climate

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Travel Joint has quick-acting effects. It is also intensely potent,
boasting THC levels of 23%. As such, users should keep the dosage low and use
the bud in moderation.

During the onset, it delivers a cerebrally stimulating buzz that wakes the mind from its lethargy. It uplifts the mood and ensures users stay upbeat throughout the day by clearing away worries. The resulting mental clarity sharpens the senses. It brings one’s focus toward a single task to complete a project.

Travel Joint Strain Effects
Travel Joint Strain Effects – Image Powered by

A soothing sensation later trickles down to the rest of the body after
two hours have passed. It is a subtle but persistent buzz that relaxes the
muscles beginning from the temples while maintaining its intensity throughout
the high. It tranquilizes tension to release tightness that prevent users from
moving around freely. The newfound limberness increases productivity as users
feel relaxed during work.

For some users, its stimulating effects are arousing. It is a natural aphrodisiac that riles the body’s primal senses. As such, users can smoke it with a partner for a good time ahead.


Travel Joint has a pungent but earthy scent. It later converts to a tangy citrus reminiscent of lemon and lime when broken apart. Meanwhile, combusting the bud reveals its notes of cooling mint.


Travel Joint’s smoke paints the palate with the taste of sweet lemon and
sharp lime. Its fruity overtones are complemented by the taste of wet soil.
However, on the exhale, a cooling mint refreshes the mouth.

Adverse reactions

Dry eyes are a common side effect of smoking marijuana. It is usually accompanied by a cottonmouth as cannabinoids begin to interfere with saliva production. Although mild, the two reactions can last for hours. Hence, downing a few glasses of water throughout the day is necessary for managing symptoms of dryness.


Travel Joint is a strain with immense therapeutic potential. Its cannabinoids, particularly its THC and terpenes, provide patients with relief against various mental and physical health issues. As such, users can turn to it for comfort.

Its happy high, which begins at the onset of its psychedelic effects, uplifts
the mood and provide temporary reprieve against the overwhelming dread caused
by stress. It calms fast-paced worries triggered by anxiety too. Because of
this, it is also makes for an effective anti-depressant that manages symptoms
of depression and PTSD.

Travel Joint Strain Medical
Travel Joint Strain Medical – Image Powered by

It also has analgesic properties that soothe aches and pains all over
the body. It begins in the temples as a tranquilizing buzz that relinquishes tightness
in the muscles as it ebbs down. Through it, Travel Joint reinvigorates users
from the heavy feeling of exhaustion and fatigue.

Gradually, as the relaxing buzz persists, users
are lulled to a deep, unencumbered in a cloud of drowsiness. Travel Joint also
enhances the quality and quantity of sleep so one wakes up feeling energized.


Travel Joint has a hybrid
structure. It is relatively tall while its buds are fluffy but popcorn-shaped. Meanwhile,
its branches and stalks are sturdy enough to withstand a variety of growing
conditions. It grows well in the cold weather of the northern hemisphere in
spite of its preference for a temperate climate. As such, it is a wonderful growing

Both the Sea and Screen of Green work well with Travel Joint. It can be trained by installing a screen a few feet above the plant and weaving its branches, especially the lower nodes, to even light distribution. In this way, it creates more budding sites. Meanwhile, one can also resort to taking advantage of its compact structure by placing more of the strain in a single square meter. It also hastens the flowering period by a week or two. Either way, both methods will significantly improve yields.

Travel Joint Strain Growing
Travel Joint Strain Growing – Image Powered by

Another way to increase turnout is utilizing a hydroponics setup. By delivering nutrients straight to the roots, it helps plants stay healthy while creating more budding sites. However, it can be tricky and expensive for a beginner’s case. As such, many resort to using soil as a medium as it is easier and more cost-effective. Not to mention, it produces more flavorful buds.

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Flowering Time

Indoors, Travel Joint fully blossoms in 9 to 11 weeks. Growers usually expect between 12 to 14 ounces of buds per square meter once it is ready for harvest. However, it can produce potentially higher yields with training methods.

Travel Joint flowers from the second to third week of October to the early days of November. Each plant yields at least 14 ounces of buds at harvest.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Travel Joint? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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