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The following is a list of the best legal cannabis online shops in Europe. This list only includes stores that are offering real and legal cannabis flowers. Cannabis shops that are only offering hemp products, such as extracts and oils, are not considered. If you know of a European legal cannabis online shop that is missing, please let us know at

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Legal marijuana is undoubtedly a fast progressing trend that is currently conquering the business and consumer world. However, ordering cannabis online can be a fairly difficult task if you are located in the wrong part of the world. While several studies show that more than 15 percent of European citizens are frequent users of the cannabis flower, the legal market for cannabis products can currently mainly be found on the North American continent due to the regulatory situation. What most people don’t know: there already is a legal market for cannabis flowers in Europe.

Certainly, this market is still in its infancy. As of now, almost every legal cannabis store that is situated on the European continent only offers THC-low and CBD-rich cannabis flowers or buds. Nevertheless, as Strain Insider reported several times, such products may come with remarkable therapeutic potential. Either way, these companies are representing a milestone in human history as the first legal cannabis shops in Europe.


Shops that are mentioned in this article are not subject to any kind of ranking or endorsement by Strain Insider. Cannabis that is offered in these shops may be illegal in your country. Please conduct your own research before you place an order.


Lady Mary

Location: Austria
Ships to: European Union

Lady Mary is one of the first legal cannabis online stores that ships to the whole European Union. According to its website, Lady Mary only sells cannabis flowers that are legal within the EU. This shop includes several premium cannabis strains that contain a CBD content of up to 26 percent. An additional interesting gimmick might be the official Lady Mary flower collection, which might be a nice gift for your loved ones.


Hemp Elf

Location: United Kingdom
Ships to: European Union & Switzerland

With more than 17 different high-quality strains, Hemp Elf is a prime source for legal cannabis flowers within the EU. As stated on their website, Hemp Elf’s CBD flowers are EIHA EU certified strains and all of their hemp products are grown with government licenses in Italy and Switzerland. Other products that are offered on Hemp Elf are cannabis concentrates, edibles, creams and vapes.



Location: Italy
Ships to: European Union & Switzerland

Cannical is a premium online cannabis store in Italy. It is offering a decent variety of products, including cannabis flowers, concentrates, oils, cosmetics and pet food. Their mission is to ensure that all adults in Europe have access to high quality and healthy medical cannabis products and accessories at a price that’s honest and affordable. Aside from the company’s online shop, Cannical runs an in-house cannabis blog to inform and educate about all things related to cannabis and CBD.



Location: Austria
Ships to: European Union

Canvory is an established cannabis shop based in Austria that is delivering high-quality cannabis products to countries that are situated in the European Union. The cannabis and hemp flowers that are used to produce their products are grown in organic indoor-cultivations in Austria and comply with the GMP-standard. Further products of Canvory include hemp tea, seeds and extracts.



Location: Switzerland
Ships to: Switzerland & European Union

CBD420 is probably one of the more known legal cannabis online shops in Europe thanks to its great amount of press coverage in reputable media outlets. CBD420 offers a variety of cannabis flowers with a THC content of less than 1 percent, which is currently legal in Switzerland. Moreover, the company also offers a small selection of strains that are supposedly legal in the EU which come with a THC content of less than 0.2 percent.



Location: Austria
Ships to: European Union

CBDNOL stands for natural hemp products of the highest quality. All CBDNOL products are sustainably produced by means of various extraction methods from handpicked, EU-certified hemp flowers. This guarantees a THC content of less than 0.2 percent. All CBDNOL products are 100 percent natural, as the company prohibits the use of pesticides, herbicides and any chemical fertilizers. The hemp plants are naturally bred and selected, and their CBD content is determined from the outset. Further, all products (CBD cannabis flowers, CBD extract, CBD oils, etc.) are tested for CBD content, other cannabinoids, fungi and mold.



Location: Switzerland
Ships to: Worldwide

CBD360 is another Swiss cannabis online shop that ships to countries within the European Union and beyond. This shop is offering cannabis flowers that contain less than 0.2 percent THC, while the CBD content may be more than 20 percent. CBD360’s website does not state where its cannabis flowers are being produced.



Location: Switzerland
Ships to: Switzerland

CBDKing is one of the best-established cannabis one-stop stores in Switzerland. It provides its visitors with a CBD shop, a hemp shop, a head shop and a grow shop. CBDKing offers cannabis flowers from different producers and all of them are legal within the country of Switzerland. Furthermore, CBDKing offers products such as cannabis cigarettes, edibles, growing equipment and cannabis accessoires. Unfortunately, CBDKing currently does not deliver hemp products to other countries than Switzerland.


Marry Jane

Location: Switzerland
Ships to: Switzerland

Marry Jane is based in Switzerland and, similarly to CBDKing, currently only deals with Swiss customers. The shop offers eight different cannabis strains, pre-rolled cannabis joints and various cannabis extracts with high CBD content.

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