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The following is a list of the best cannabis blogs and cannabis magazines on the internet. This list only includes platforms that are publishing high-quality cannabis and marijuana articles on a regular basis. If you know of a cannabis blog or magazine that is missing, please let us know at

Cannabis blogs and magazines are often the primary sources of information for cannabis enthusiasts as well as cannabis business people. They represent a convenient medium that is accessible at any time and also usually without any monetary charges. Whether you want to get the latest news from the cannabis business world, or you just want to educate yourself about Cannabidiol – there’s always a useful article that is just waiting for you to read it.

Strain Insider collected both the best cannabis lifestyle publications and the best cannabis business publications for our highly valued readers. It’s important to note that this list is not structured hierarchically. Therefore, that the first blog on this list is not necessarily the best, and the last one is not the worst. On this list, you’ll only find the best of the best.


Lifestyle Cannabis Blogs & Magazines

RoyalQueenSeeds Blog

Geographic focus: Global

Royal Queen Seeds is among some of the fastest growing cannabis breeders in Europe. It provides a wide range of feminized, autoflowering, and medical seeds at affordable prices with fast and discreet shipping. In its in-house cannabis blog, RoyalQueenSeeds shares useful insights into the cannabis consumer world.


High Times

Geographic focus: North America

High Times is the definitive resource for all things cannabis. From cultivation and legalization, to entertainment and culture, to hard-hitting news exposing the War on Drugs, High Times has been the preeminent source for cannabis information since 1974. High Times is the biggest cannabis online magazine to this day.


Palm Beach Cannabis

Geographic focus: North America

Palm Beach Cannabis is a Florida-based cannabis blog that is focused on showcasing trailblazing individuals and innovations in the cannabis market, while laying the groundwork for the state Florida, where legally and responsibly companies and individuals embrace and serve as the forefathers of the medical marijuana industry.


Merry Jane

Geographic focus: North America

MERRY JANE is a new generation’s resource for news, culture, and video covering cannabis and beyond. Through exclusive content and engaging perspectives, MERRY JANE brings together the most important information and entertainment for today’s audience while also offering vital, interactive tools to explore the new frontier of cannabis products, dispensaries, events, and community.


DOPE Magazine

Geographic focus: North America

DOPE Magazine is another US-based cannabis magazine that became quite popular during the past few years. The company issues a monthly print magazine that covers the cannabis lifestyle in North America.


Irisa Cannabis

Geographic focus: Global

Irisa is a wellness-driven cannabis brand designed with the modern woman in mind. Its cannabis blog is one of the few marijuana publications in the world that is focused on women.



Geographic focus: Canada

Cannabis Culture is a magazine about marijuana and hemp around the world. From fabulous budshots and cultivation advice to cutting-edge pot culture and the drug war journalism, Cannabis Culture aims to bring you nothing but the best.


International Highlife

Geographic focus: Global

“For stoners by stoners… Easy to use and learn… Your content is king…” The entire International Highlife platform was designed for the sole purpose of giving stoners a unique experience and a place to share stories and humor with like-minded people, as stated on its website.


Hemp Connoisseur

Geographic focus: Global

HC Magazine’s roots are in educating on the environmental, economical, and health benefits of the cannabis plant. As a US-based cannabis online magazine, Hemp Connoisseur publishes articles that are mostly interesting for North American marijuana users.


Dopamine Magazine

Geographic focus: Australia

Dopamine is Australia’s premier online cannabis lifestyle title and features everything from weed culture to music, gaming, food and more. At Dopamine Magazine, it’s all about normalising dope culture in Australia.


Soft Secrets International

Geographic focus: Global

Soft Secrets is a global cannabis news and information platform established in 1985. Supported by its own network of reporters and editors at home and abroad. Soft Secrets is one of the leading sources for cannabis cultivation, legalization, culture and entertainment for its dedicated and diverse audience across the globe.


Business Cannabis Blogs & Magazines

Green Entrepreneur

Geographic focus: Global

Green Entrepreneur is an official spin-off of the popular Entrepreneur magazine. It is a leading cannabis magazine for legal and medical marijuana entrepreneurs around the world and has an extraordinary reputation for consistently delivering high-quality content.



Geographic focus: North America / Global

As one of the leading business news information resources for the medical marijuana and retail cannabis industry, Marijuana Business Daily’s editors and reporters bring retailers, professional cultivators, infused product makers, ancillary service providers and finance professionals the information and networking they need to flourish within the cannabis industry.


Marijuana Venture

Geographic focus: USA

Marijuana Venture is the only monthly B2B trade publication dedicated to the legal marijuana industry. Marijuana Venture has enlisted a team of attorneys, accountants and other business professionals to lend their expertise and provide readers with the best information possible in the ever-changing world of legalized cannabis.


Cannabis Science & Tech

Bildergebnis für cannabis science tech logo

Geographic focus: Global

Cannabis Science and Technology focuses on educating the legal cannabis industry about the science and technology of analytical testing and quality control. Key topics include sample preparation techniques for analytical testing; method development for analytical methods for testing for potency as well as contaminants; laboratory best practices; testing standardization; regulations related to quality control; equipment and technology for testing and processing, and the broader context of cannabis research.


Cannabis Business Times

Geographic focus: North America

CannabisBusinessTimes’ mission is to help accelerate the success of legal cannabis cultivators by providing actionable intelligence in all aspects of the business, from legislation, regulation and compliance news to analysis of industry trends, as well as expert advice on cultivation, marketing, financial topics, legal issues and more.


Hanf Magazin

Geographic focus: Germany / Global

Hanf Magazine is a leading German cannabis online magazine that also issues a print magazine on a monthly basis. The publication provides its readers with cannabis news from all over the world, whereas its focus is mainly centered on business and regulatory topics.


Cannabis Now

Geographic focus: North America

Founded in 2010, Cannabis Now focuses on the most relevant news, political happenings, cannabis legislation, horticultural advancements, social change, economic trends and medical marijuana information available today.



Geographic focus: Global publishes daily coverage of the issues that matter to cannabis activists, business owners, investors, and stakeholders. Aside from its cannabis blog, Ganjapreneur has a company directory, an in-house podcast and an announcement channel.


Canna Law Blog

Geographic focus: USA

The Canna Law Blog is a forum for discussing the practical aspects of cannabis law and their impacts on the cannabis industry. As one of the few cannabis blogs that focus on legal aspects, Canna Law Blog provides insight into how cannabis business people can use the law to their advantage.


Terpenes and Testing Magazine

Geographic focus: Global

Terpenes and Testing Magazine is the scientific backdrop against which in-depth understanding of cannabis news, compliance and regulation, chemistry, analytical testing, and horticulture science can fully unfold and crystallize.


Business and Lifestyle Cannabis Blogs & Magazines


Geographic focus: Global

Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis information resource, empowering people in legal cannabis markets to learn about the right products for their lifestyle and wellness needs, find those products safely and efficiently, and buy them from licensed and regulated dispensaries. In its official in-house cannabis blog, Leafly publishes cannabis business and consumer-related articles.


Cannabis Magazine

Geographic focus: Global

Cannabis Magazine is a new cannabis magazine and online destination for the people, products and events that are moving the cannabis industry forward. Although most of its articles are consumer orientated, Cannabis Magazine also provides business and regulatory news on a regular basis



Geographic focus: Global

Cannabismarijuanas runs a small cannabis blog that published articles on all things related to cannabis.


Strain Insider

Geographic focus: Europe

Strain Insider is Europe’s leading cannabis business and lifestyle online magazine. Strain Insider’s mission is to push forward the cannabis industry on the European continent and to build infrastructure for European cannabis businesses. Aside from its business network, Strain Insider provides global marijuana users with precious insights into the medical aspects of cannabis.


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