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Europeans are cultivating more cannabis by the year. In 2018, Europeans cultivated over 40 percent more cannabis than in 2015, and the cannabis growing trend continued in 2019 and seems to keep up in 2020 as well.

But even though it grows like a weed (pardon the pun), cannabis still needs the proper conditions in order to yield valuable harvests. And, since medical cannabis needs to meet specific requirements, growing cannabis indoors is usually preferred.

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Grow shops sell all the equipment and supplies you would need to grow cannabis plants. Let’s take a look at the top 10 grow shops in Europe in 2020.


The best cannabis grow shops in Europe in 2020

1.     LedGrow

best cannabis grow shop Europe 2020 European marijuana growing hemp CBD

LedGrow is a grow shop based in the Czech Republic. As the name suggests, this business specialises in light-emitting diode (LED) grow lights. LED technology is really helpful for growing cannabis. LEDs can help your cannabis plants grow faster because they speed up the plants’ vegetative processes and boost their resin and terpene contents.

However, this shop also sells a myriad of grow boxes, nutrients, measurement equipment and more. One of the things that makes LedGrow stand out from its competitors is its shipping policy. The company ships its products worldwide, and customers from EU member states get free shipping for orders over €250.

Another thing that makes this company stand out is its wide variety of available lighting systems. There are more than 400 lighting options to choose from, so you should find the ideal light features for your growing system.


2.     Grow Expert

best cannabis grow shop Europe 2020 European marijuana growing hemp CBD

Grow Expert is a grow shop from the Netherlands. This brand is a good all-around option for cannabis growers. Grow Expert sells more than 2,000 products and the online shop ships all over Europe.

This grow shop offers cost-effective hydroponic systems and more. One of the best things about Grow Expert is that its products range from cheap substrates to expensive lighting systems, so you should find everything you need in its online shop.


3.     General Hydroponics Europe (GHE)

General Hydroponics Europe GHE best cannabis grow shop Europe 2020 European marijuana growing hemp CBD

General Hydroponics Europe is a grow shop that was founded in France back in 1994. As the name suggests, this grow shop focuses on hydroponics systems. GHE sells everything you could possibly need to grow cannabis, or any other plant for that matter, in a hydroponic system.

What makes GHE stand out from the crowd is its simple, yet effective, product guide. If you want to improve your crop, but you’re not really sure about what you need, this guide could be of tremendous help.

The guide recommends the best products for your crop depending on your culture method and substrate. With two simple clicks, you can get a tailored selection of products that could improve your plants.


4.     Head & Nature

best cannabis grow shop Europe 2020 European marijuana growing hemp CBD

Head & Nature is a grow shop from Germany. This shop offers a wide variety of products suitable for outdoor and indoor plant cultivation.

One of the things that make Head & Nature great is its selection of products designed for growing cannabis in small spaces. Several European countries allow you to grow cannabis at home, so these products are perfect for those who want to grow weed in apartments or houses.

This grow shop offers everything you need to cultivate your own cannabis, whether you’re growing a single plant or thousands of them.


5.     EUGardenCenter

EUGardenCenter is a grow shop based in the Netherlands. This online seller specialises in products that are useful for small-scale farmers or growers.

However, EUGardenCenter sells more than 5,000 products, so you’ll probably find everything you need to grow cannabis on the website.

One of the advantages of this European grow shop is that it has a good variety of complete grow tents. The grow tents come fully equipped with exhausts, filters, thermostats, fans, switches, pumps and water reservoirs, making them the ideal choice for novice cannabis growers.


6.     One Stop Grow Shop (OSGS)

One Stop Grow Shop best cannabis grow shop Europe 2020 European marijuana growing hemp CBD

One Stop Grow Shop is a grow shop from the UK. This retailer focuses on hydroponic systems, but its online shop offers more than 3,000 products, so it’s well-stocked.

OSGS stands out from its competitors thanks to its broad hydroponics selection. Its shop sells hydroponics systems of all kinds, so you’ll surely find one that matches your preferences and price expectations.

Another thing that makes OSGS better than other retailers is its huge amount of stock. Everything you order is most likely on stock, so you will receive it shortly after placing your order.


7.     Hydroponics

Hydroponics is an online grow shop that operates from two European hubs — Rome and London. This shop specialises in selling products destined for indoor growing.

Hydroponics collaborates with multiple public institutions in Europe. The website features some of the biggest brands in the indoor growing niche, and the online shop often has exclusive offers.

A great thing about this grow shop is that it offers indoor cultivation kits. These kits contain everything you need to grow cannabis plants, and you can customise the kit’s features based on your plants’ needs.


8.     ProGrower

Pro Grower best cannabis grow shop Europe 2020 European marijuana growing hemp CBD

ProGrower is a grow shop based in Poland. This is a good all-around retailer that offers a wide variety of products.

What makes ProGrower stand out from its competitors is its variety of grow boxes. These customised boxes help you grow cannabis plants all year round. The boxes are fully equipped with climate control systems, watering systems, production automation systems, etc.

However, the grow shop also sells fertilizers, accessories, lighting equipment and more.


9.     Growmart


Growmart is another grow shop from Germany that specialises in selling hydroponics grow equipment. This shop offers a wide variety of products, but what really sets it apart are its harmonised growing kits.

This shop sells growing kits that come in different sizes — some are suitable for apartment growing, some will only fit in a large open space. But the good thing about this variety of products is that you can find something that fits your needs.

Growmart ships throughout Europe and your order usually arrives in 3 to 5 days, depending on your location.



Growland best cannabis grow shop Europe 2020 marjiuana grow store hemp CBD European

Growland is a grow shop based in Germany. This retailer’s speciality is indoor equipment for home growers. Most of the products you’ll find on the website are suitable for urban cannabis growing, but you can also find products suitable for outdoor growing.

This shop offers a good variety of products for amateur cannabis growers or novices. Its kits and customised sets are simple to assemble, and they come with everything you need to start growing plants.

One of the things that make Growland stand out is its selection of small greenhouses. These greenhouses are just large enough to fit a cannabis plant or two, and they come at accessible prices. The boxes are ideal for those who want to test their plant-growing skills before investing a lot in this passion.


Final thoughts on the top 10 cannabis grow shops in Europe in 2020

These were the best 10 grow shops we found on the European market at the moment. If you know of a company that might be better, let us know in the comment section below. We update these lists on a regular basis, and your suggestion might be included in our next revision.

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