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AUTHOR: Rob Hendrix, owner Cannabis Consulting Nationwide

As many of you know, I own a State legal Cannabis retail shop in my hometown of Ellensburg, Washington. Its called Cannabis Central of Ellensburg. My store motto, aka Mission Statement is: “To be the model recreational Cannabis store in the State of Washington”. The “model”. To me it means being the best, not necessarily the biggest, but the most well run, clean, efficient, respected, etc establishment in the industry.

I have little to no staff turnover. I have a tremendous reputation with our primary regulating body, the Liquor and Cannabis Board, LCB. I have a good to great reputation with other retail stores. I have a wonderful, even envied relationship with many growers, processors and cultivators. I have a good relationship with my hometown; local law enforcement, local government and several charitable organizations in town. I have a good relationship with the US Department of Treasury and by extension my accountant and my attorney. I have never been sued, in fact I have had no legal trouble of any kind. And I have been open since August of 2014 and I remain to this day violation free with the LCB. I am VERY proud of this achievement.

So I am successful in that I sleep well at night knowing I am doing things the right way. This is still a controversial industry and I can definitely attest to the fact that my chosen field can lead to heated discussions with many who remain uncomfortable with Cannabis. But I understand this type of reaction, in fact, had I not been so totally immersed in this business for more than five years now, I would have felt very uncomfortable with it all as well. To indicate differently would be hypocritical on my part. I never argue with those who are still objecting to the legalization of adult use Cannabis in our State. I just go to work in the pursuit of, hopefully, changing people’s minds one customer and family at the time.

I have accepted fully and enthusiastically the responsibility that goes with diving into something as controversial and misunderstood as Cannabis.

Rob Hendrix, owner
Cannabis Consulting Nationwide



Rob Hendrix, Owner

Cannabis Central LLC

Cannabis Consulting Nationwide LLC

Cell: 509.833.5556

Office: 509.201.1144

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