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As marijuana stocks work to bounce back in the market the cannabis industry as a whole is building off new momentum. This slow but steady progress has the potential to help rebuild from the 2019 downtrend. Though 2020 is off to a similar start, some uptrends have started to take place in the cannabis industry. This has provided investors with a ray of hope for small and large-cap pot stocks. Recently with some of the larger marijuana stocks having internal issues, such CEO’s stepping down it leaves room for more cannabis companies to become top contenders.

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With much noise surrounding marijuana stocks, it can difficult to know which companies are focused on the long game. Taking a step back to look at the company beyond the market and more about company performance can be a good start. For example, cannabis companies that focus on CBD therapy to help aid with cancer, and seizures, to name a few, position themselves to be power players for the future of the cannabis industry. With that being said below are two marijuana stocks focused on building the industry of tomorrow.

Marijuana Stocks To Watch: GW Pharma

Marijuana stock to watch GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH Stock Report) has made its mark in the industry. They have also been one of the fortunate cannabis companies that over the last 2 weeks have been able to capitalize on the shifting momentum within the cannabis sector. With an increase in trading from the end of January to Feb 10th a small but suttle 15% gain has been made.  GWPH stock

With its innovative epilepsy CBD treatment, Epidiolex GW Pharma positions itself to be a long term player. Many people young and old suffer from seizures all around the world. However, with medicine like Epidiolex hitting the open market, this may offer value to those looking to invest. The reason for this is due to the potential for the drug to have an advantage over both orphan and non-orphan drugs, according to BofA Securities.

Recently the GW Pharma announced they have submitted a supplemental New Drug Application (NDA) to expand the label for Epidiolex cannabidiol oral solution, CV, to include the treatment of seizures associated with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC).

“The submission of this sNDA for Epidiolex is an important step towards the prospect of offering a new treatment option for those patients with TSC who battle difficult-to-treat seizures,” said Chief Executive Justin Gover. As well BofA has made claims they expect Epidiolex to achieve blockbuster sales by potentially reaching $2.5 billion by 2027.

Marijuana Stocks To Watch: Aphria Inc.

Aphira Inc. (APHA Stock Report) Another contender in the cannabis space. Recognized as a top 5 cannabis producer in the world as well as a once leading marijuana stock. Aphira Inc. looks to bounce back from current lows. Just like GW pharma’s Epidolex, Aphira also offers products in the form of CBD in combination with THC. With the fluctuating price scale of marijuana flower, CBD has become one distinct outlet for contributing value.

marijuana stocks on Robinhood Aphria Inc. (APHA)

Back on January 31st Aphira Inc. announced that it closed its previously announced strategic investment from an institutional investor for aggregate gross proceeds to the Company of C$100,000,001
As previously mentioned, the Company plans to use the net profits from the offering to fund international expansion, working capital, and general corporate purposes.

“We are pleased to be closing this successful $100 million strategic investment that reinforces confidence in our business and management team,” said Irwin D. Simon , Chief Executive Officer. “Importantly, now with nearly $600 million , our balance sheet has been further strengthened and will continue to support us as we execute upon our strategic plan for continued growth.”

As marijuana stocks and the cannabis sector as a whole look to revive itself companies like the ones mentioned above offer hope towards the bigger picture. Though the future is unknown and pot stocks can be a risky game to play some might say investing in the future of a growing industry may yield better results for longer-term gains. For now, investors should pay close attention to the market and focus on the shifting momentum and what the cannabis industry of tomorrow will be like and the companies that are working to make this happen.

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