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If you thought your elections were labyrinthine, try Thailand. A wonderful report from Australia’s ABC that illustrates the complexity of politics in the country plus a healthy dose of cannabis.

Here’s a short taster …

And this is where the cannabis and juicy jobs come into play.

The Bhumjaithai party (51 MPs) campaigned on a pro-cannabis platform, arguing that legalising marijuana for traditional medicines and scientific testing would give Thai farmers the chance to grow a lucrative crop.

To be clear, this is about farmers and pharmaceutical companies making money, not recreational pot-smoking, and the junta had already started to loosen Thailand’s policy, so it was an easy deal to make.

Thailand’s oldest political party went with more a time-honoured request: positions of power.

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As an addendum it’s worth noting that Orwell once tried Kif (hashish) and he wasn’t that keen.

George Orwell tried marijuana, didn’t like it

From the LA Times

The Orwell Prize is posting, to the day, diary entries by George Orwell from 1938. Some days, like today, Oct. 10,  are as pithy and uninteresting as a status update on Facebook: “Midday temperature (indoors) today 26°, ie. about 78°F. This is much cooler than the last few days. This evening cool enough to wear a coat.” Whoopee.

But other days are much more fun. Writing in Morocco, he observes children at work, the attitude of veiled women (“anything but shy”), the foods available for sale in a market; he draws pictures of stirrups and bows and drills and other unfamiliar mechanisms. He’s curious about everything:

Arab drug kiff, said to have some kind of intoxicating effect, smoked in long bamboo pipes with earthenware head about the size of a cigarette holder. The drug resembles chopped grass. Unpleasant taste & — so far as I am concerned -– no effect. Sale said to be illegal, though it can be acquired everywhere for 1 Fr. For about a tablespoonful.

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