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Tennessee medical cannabis bill shelved for another year


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A push to legalize medical marijuana in Tennessee has been dropped from consideration this year.

Republican Sen. Steve Dickerson of Nashville told a committee Wednesday that he will delay his bill until 2020.

The legislation would have allowed sprays, pills, ointments and other non-smoking forms of marijuana for people with certain debilitating conditions, ranging from cancer to multiple sclerosis.

It also spelled out a comprehensive regulatory setup for growing, processing and dispensing, and an identification card system for patients.

Dickerson, a medical doctor, said some of the statements from law enforcement against the bill were inflammatory, misleading and disingenuous. He said he believes Tennessee will soon embrace medical cannabis.

The legislation has failed in recent years, including in 2018 with the support of then-House Speaker Beth Harwell.

Source:  https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Tennessee-medical-marijuana-bill-dropped-for-the-13757546.php

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