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Last week, Missouri police arrested an Enterprise Rent-A-Car employee for dosing his coworkers with LSD.

According to KMOV4 News, two of the rental car employees got dizzy and started shaking out of nowhere. The panicked confusion led to a 911 call. After questioning everyone at the Enterprise location, police said the unnamed 19-year-old admitted to spiking LSD into two of his coworkers’ water bottles. A third got dosed through a cup of coffee.

Why’d he do it? Because his peers gave off “negative energy,” he told the cops.

The drugged employees likely had no idea their drinks contained LSD. Acid has no discernible flavor or aroma, and incredibly small amounts — in the microgram range — can produce visual and auditory hallucinations. Depending on the dose, the effects can last for several hours.

The Enterprise employees eventually recovered after being taken to Mercy Hospital South. The teenage suspect faces second-degree assault and drug possession charges.

Certainly, there are better ways to hold team-building exercises besides making your coworkers trip balls without their permission.

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