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Hello my name is Bronwyn Duffy, I’m a 40-year-old woman from County Armagh in Ireland. I’ve a partner Stephen and 3 children. I work as secretary in a primary school for 23 years.  I love my job, don’t smoke and only take a drink at Christmas.

In May 2020 I was making tea and a tea towel fell on the ground and I bent down to pick it up. My back just got so sore.  As the day progressed my back got so sore I could hardly walk or get up my stairs.  On Friday in July the pain came back on my right side.  My doctor sent me back to A&E at the hospital, the hospital gave me a CAT scan and it showed up I had an 18cm cyst on my right ovary. I was admitted to the gyn ward and had an eternal scan and an ultrasound done.  As my mother’s family has a history of cancer I opted to go for a full hysterectomy and my operation would be on the 13th August 2020. I had blood tests and tumor markers done and everything came back clear. I was told the cyst wasn’t attached to anything else.

On the 13th August I went for my operation and had 35 stables straight down my stomach.  They explained the cyst wasn’t on my ovary it was on my appendix.  They had removed the cyst and part of my small and large bowel. On Thursday 20th July my wound opened and I had 4 of the staples removed from my belly button. As my mother is a nurse she changed my dressing every day.  Another few days passed and another part of my wound opened. My mother dressed the wound up until the end of October 2020.

I went for a CAT scan on the 27th August and the results came back that everything had gone well in the operation. I had an appointment with the consultant on the 2nd September which he then told me that the results showed soft tissue Sarcoma cancer and I might need some small course of chemotherapy so I waited to be seen by Belfast Cancer Hospital. He had said that on a scale of 1-10 it was about a 2.  I wasn’t really worried at this stage.

I went for my appointment in Belfast which the consultant had said I needed 6 sessions of chemotherapy 3 weeks apart and I would lose my hair.   This was a total shock I didn’t expect to have to go through that.

My first chemo started on Monday 2nd November 2020 and I was in hospital for 4 days. everything went grand.  A week later my stomach felt full, so I asked for a CAT scan. On Thursday the 26th of November my world fell apart. A doctor ,my consultant and a staff nurse came to see me on the ward.  My consultant said it was very bad news.  The cancer had spread to my liver, abdomen and pelvis.  Largest measuring 18cm.  I had asked if surgery could be done and she said no it would not benefit me.  I went home from hospital that evening very upset.

On Thursday 26th November 2020  I started taking THC that night.  I just took a half grain size of rice under my tongue.  I went to bed that night and I could feel the THC firing through my body like a machine gun. (I HAVE NEVER TRIED THIS BEFORE) BUT WHEN SOMEONE SAYS YOU ARE GOING THE DIE , YOU WOULD DO ANYTHING.  I took half a grain of rice of THC 3 times a day. I got straight on your United Patients Group. I watched Rick Simpson’ Run from the Cure’ and I bought his book.  My partner researched and he found that if you take THC in a suppository, you can benefit by 80% of the medicine, and about 30% of the medicine when taken orally. I started on the suppository and still took a small amount under my tongue at bedtime.  I started to up my does gradually so I could tolerate a higher dose. I went for my 3rd chemo on the 14th December 2020 and my scan was set for the 31st December 2020.  My appetite, sleep and mood were fantastic! I was not going to let this beat me. I was following United Patients Group and found great strength.  I went for my scan and awaited my results.

I went for my chemo on the 5th January and my consultation said that the cancer had reduced from the largest 18cm – 9cm.  She could only see my scan pictures but the full report was not back yet. Things looked fantastic. I had my last chemo on the 15th February 2021 and I rang the bell on Thursday 18th February to celebrate my chemo finishing!  I walked out that door and said, “I wont be back in this place”.  I awaited my scan on the 15th March 2021. I started to up my doses of THC more so now I’m taking 16 (rice size) of THC 3 times a day in a suppository and a small amount under my tongue at bedtime.

On 25th March my consultation phone me with the latest results, guess what, it has now reduced to 6cm and some fluid around my liver had totally gone.  OH, THE BEST NEWS EVER. I knew it was the THC and my partner. He has been my rock throughout this with his positive attitude.

I have never taken any other medication.

I have had no pain.

I’m sleeping fantastic.

My diet is fantastic always eating and drinking.

My mood is brilliant.

In my head I keep saying I was fine and that I wasn’t sick.

On Monday the 12th April 2021 I went back to my work.

My next scan is on the 15th June with my results hopefully on the 25th June so fingers crossed more good news will follow.

This is the best medicine in the world. I will take THC for the rest of my life.

Keep up the great work I would love someday to meet all you fantastic people.

If you ever need anything done in Ireland, I will surely help you.

All the best from Bronwyn Duffy, Ireland

Respectfully submitted by Bronwyn Duffy, Ireland

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