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In Barcelona during the weekend of 15-17 March 2019, the 16th edition of Spannabis took place, without a doubt the most important cannabis fair in Europe. For three days, the Fira de Cornellà expo centre in Barcelona became the centre of the global cannabis industry, where more than 300 exhibitors came together, including the market’s foremost national and international brands, with more than 4,000 accredited professionals dedicated to the multitude of uses that the cannabis plant offers.

Spannabis is considered a benchmark for cannabis expos worldwide and this was reflected by this year’s new record in attendance. As reported by the organization itself, more than 25,000 people visited Spannabis over the 3 days of the expo, enormously exceeding the success of previous editions.

For this edition, Spannabis increased its capacity with the addition of a new pavilion and expanded the exhibition area and food trucks. On the opening day, the expo was treated to an appearance by the artist and singer Damien Marley (son of the legendary Jamaican artist Bob Marley), who was there to call for the “legalisation of cannabis and its industry.”

2019 Spannabis

2019 Spannabis

Alchimia at Spannabis 2019

The Alchimia stand, shared with the seed bank Philosopher Seeds, once again became one of the most popular and lively spaces of the expo. We must confess that with each year that goes by, we make it easier and easier to win a free gift from us at Spannabis. On this occasion, the challenge was to fill a simple Word Search in which the main feminised varieties of Philosopher Seeds could easily be found.

We gave away more than 2,500 exclusive Alchimia “GOD SAVE THE... WEED t-shirts at Spannabis 2019, which could be seen being worn by visitors in all the different areas of Spannabis during the 3 days of the fair.

Congratulations on this original initiative and a very special thank you to all our friends, clients and family who came to visit us at stand No. 86 of Spannabis 2019.

Alchimia at Spannabis 2019

Alchimia at Spannabis 2019

Frenchy Cannoli & Aficionado French Connection at the Alchimia stand

On this occasion, for the 3 days of the expo, we had the privilege and pleasure of hosting some special guests on the Alchimia stand itself, our friends from the Aficionado French Connection seed bank. We really appreciate the dedication shown by the French Connection team in presenting their seeds, led by Leo Stone, Frenchy Cannoli and Professor Q.

Aficionado French Connection with Alchimia Grow Shop

Aficionado French Connection with Alchimia Grow Shop

Frenchy Cannoli, one of the world’s leading specialists in traditional Hashish, is currently working with the Aficionado French Connection, the European wing of the Aficionado Estates cannabis seed bank based in Mendocino (California), with a history and tradition in the breeding of heirloom American varieties.

We recently exclusively launched Aficionado French Connection at Alchimia and presented the new varieties they have established in Europe.

Frenchy Cannoli & Aficionado French Connection at the Alchimia stand in Spannabis

Frenchy Cannoli & Aficionado French Connection at the Alchimia stand in Spannabis

Innovations at Spannabis 2019

One of the initiatives highlighted at this 16th edition of Spannabis was a legal clinic where visitors could arrange a free consultation and resolve any doubts they may have had about specific situations related to cannabis, all within the Spanish and European legal framework.

Cannabis seeds always occupy a prominent place at these cannabis expos. True to form, at the 2019 edition of Spannabis we were able to visit the main cannabis seed banks at a national level (Dinafem, Genehtik, Sweet Seeds…) as well as the best European banks (Dutch Passion, Paradise Seeds, Serious Seeds, The Devil’s Harvest Seeds, TH Seeds…)

Over recent years, Europe has seen the arrival of more and more US and Canadian cannabis seed banks, bringing with them their new and innovative American genetics, such as House of the Great Gardener or the Aficionado French Connection that, as we mentioned earlier, was launched at the Alchimia stand.

In addition to the exhibitor area, attendees could also enjoy other parallel activities: World Cannabis Conferences, good music in the outdoor area… and we’d like to take this opportunity to share the following video: “Every Day is March 8th – Cannabis, Feminist and Anti-prohibitionist “, a touching tribute to ALL cannabis women to celebrate International Women’s Day.

To echo the sentiment of the video: THANK YOU for your LOVE, sisters!

International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC)

On Thursday, March 14, as a prelude to the official inauguration of Spannabis 2019, the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) was held at theCornellà Auditorium, with an after-party at the iconic W Hotel in Barcelona. In just 5 years, the ICBC conference has become the main cannabis B2B networking event (business to business) for entrepreneurs and investors, with attendees from more than 50 countries.

According to Alex Rogers, executive producer of the International Cannabis Business Conference: “Spannabis is not only the largest cannabis fair in Europe but also the largest in the world.” The Spannabis brand is iconic, and We are honoured to associate with such an important and lasting institution. “

ICBC - International Cannabis Business Conference

ICBC – International Cannabis Business Conference

World Cannabis Conferences: 15 & 16 March

The 7th edition of the World Cannabis Conferences was organized in 2 days and had a broad representation of the most relevant scientific, medical and political personalities of the current cannabis sector.

The “World Cannabis Conferences” were held in the Auditorium of the Fira de Cornellà. They have free entry for all Spannabis visitors and have become the ideal place to listen to the most influential and topical voices in the world of cannabis.

This is the list of speakers who participated in the World Cannabis Conferences 2019:

  • Alex Pasternack – USA
  • Adam Jacques – USA
  • Marta de Luxan Marco – Spain
  • Òscar Parés – Spain
  • Maja Kohek – Slovenia
  • Jorge Soto – Spain
  • Mariano Garcia de Palau – Spain
  • Dra. Weed – Uruguay
  • José Carlos Bouso – Spain
  • Héctor Brotons Albert – Spain
  • Fernando Caudevilla – Spain
  • Bernardo Soriano – Spain
  • Virginia Montañés – Spain
  • Gabriel Miró Miquel – Spain
  • Boris Petis – Spain
  • Undergrow TV – Spain
  • Dinafem – Spain
  • MarihuanaTV – Spain
  • Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum – Spain/Netherlands

XIVª Spannabis Champions Cup, a benchmark in cannabis competitions

These are the results showing the prizewinners in the different categories of this 14th edition of the Spannabis Champions Cup:

  • Flower sample with highest CBD: Master Hemp by Medical Marijuana Genetics
  • Flower sample with highest THC: Sublimator by R-Kiem Seeds
  • Cleanest BHO sample: PiHaze by CBD Botanic

CBD flower:

  1. Pi Haze by R & D Cannabinoid (+cheque 2.500€)
  2. Independent by R & D Cannabinoid
  3. PiHaze 2.0 by R-Kiem Seeds

Solvent-less extractions:

  1. Sunset Sherbert Hash Rosin by HQ Barcelona (+cheque 2.500€)
  2. Barbara Bud by House of The Great Gardener
  3. René by House of The Great Gardener

Solvent extractions:

  1. Banana Split by The Backyard (+cheque 2.500€)
  2. Papaya OG by Enzo Labs
  3. Phantom OG by Harmony Extracts

Sativa flower:

  1. Forbidden Fruit by Soil With Attitude (+cheque 2.500€)
  2. L.A. Amnesia by Paradise Seeds
  3. Lemonade by Soil With Attitude

Indica flower:

  1. Blue Lime Pie by Soil With Attitude (+cheque 2.500€)
  2. Gelato #6 Spanish Grown by Terps Army
  3. Lemon Punch by The Plug Store
Alchimia Grow Shop's booth

Alchimia Grow Shop’s booth

Music performances en Spannabis 2019

Spannabis always devotes space to music. This year, with an increased capacity, the venue’s outside area was filled with music during all 3 days of the expo, with a diverse schedule of concerts featuring performances from successful musicians from the reggae and dub culture, such as Chalart58 – Matah & Classy Horns, Sista Livity & Good Over Evil, DJ Rambla, Mina’s Collective, Warriors of Dub, Mahom Dub, Full Dub, Weeding Dub, Karlixx, Purple Rocket, Green Beats, Psygroo or the Battle of Roosters 420 Backyard Battle.

Spannabis Awards 2019

As in previous editions, Spannabis closed its doors with the prize-giving ceremony for the different categories of the Spannabis Awards 2019, recognizing the work of the fair’s exhibitors. The results were announced on Sunday March 17 at the awards ceremony for the best products and stands of the 2019 Spannabis, voted by the professionals of the expo, here are the results:

Categories and cup winners:

  • Best seed bank: Royal Queen Seeds
  • Best nutrient: BioTabs Boom Boom spray
  • Best grow product: AutoPOT Auto 8 Module – Irrigation system
  • Best post-grow product (New category): Terpenes from Cali Terpenes
  • Best paraphernalia product: Neutralizer The Road Kit – The Neutralizer & Kenex products
  • Best hemp product: Cannabeer – The original premium cannabis craft beer
  • Best vaporiser: Vaporizador PAX3 from PAX
  • Best new product: How I Became the Hash Queen – Mila Jansen: woman, mother & icon
  • Best stand: Genehtik Seeds

Masters of Rosin 2nd edition

Another of the high profile cannabis-related events taking place alongside Spannabis, and one which deserves a special mention, was the 2nd annual edition of Masters Of Rosin, organised by HQ Barcelona, following the huge success of the Masters of Rosin 2018. This is a unique cannabis competition, dedicated solely to Rosin, the solvent-less extraction technique that is fast gaining popularity.
The competition wass composed of 2 categories: Hash Rosin and Flower Rosin, and a total of 57 entries were presented by competitors from all over Europe, Canada and the USA. Over the course of a week, these samples were evaluated by a select panel of professional judges picked from the current cannabis scene and including our work colleague here at Alchimiaweb, The English Cut. Also on the jury were big names such as event host Nikka T, Frenchy Cannoli, Aficionado Estates, Nikka T, DNA Genetics, House of the Great Gardener, Dank Duchess, Alien Labs, Crockett Family Farms, Massive Creations, Mr & Mrs Zkittlez, Jerome Baker and last year’s winner, Field Extracts.

Alchimia & Philosopher Seeds at Spannabis 2019

Alchimia & Philosopher Seeds at Spannabis 2019

The awards ceremony was held on Saturday, March 6 with the presence of all judges and competitors, and below are the winners of the 2nd Masters of Rosin:

Flower Rosin :

  1. Wild Berry – Scorpion Crew
  2. Ripper Badazz – Ripper Seeds
  3. Raspberry Cookie – Grateful Seeds

Hash Rosin :

  1. Ice Cream Cake – Terps Army / La Sagrada Farm
  2. Flower Candy – Feeling Frosty
  3. Forbidden Garden – Pure Essence

Many thanks to all the visitors who came to the Alchimia & Philosopher Seeds stand at the 2019 Spannabis and which ended with a new record in attendance, and to those who formed part of the over 5,000-strong army of Spannabis visitors wearing our Alchimia “GOD SAVE THE… WEED t-shirts.

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