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Recreational marijuana

Recreational marijuana has been sold legally for less than two weeks in Nevada, but dispensaries are already running out of weed, as reported by the Nevada Department of Taxation. On Friday, the state’s governor, Brian Sandoval, endorsed the Taxation Department’s “statement of emergency,” regarding marijuana sales, which calls for the licensing of more distributors; currently, 50 dispensaries are licensed to sell legal marijuana in Nevada.

However, Nevada marijuana retailers don’t have the authority to restock their inventories of pot–that is currently the exclusive right of alcohol wholesalers. In June, a court order passed that gave alcohol wholesalers the exclusive right to move marijuana from farmers to retailers. The court order was designed both to help regulate marijuana similarly to alcohol as well as to help prevent alcohol wholesalers from losing clients as demand rises more people in the state use marijuana legally.

The new regulations proposed by the ‘statement of emergency,’ would expand distribution licenses beyond alcohol wholesalers, allowing for a larger pool of applicants. With several distributors telling the state that they expect to run out of product shortly, the Department of Taxation feels the need to expand the application pool for licensed sellers. The Nevada Tax Department is expected to vote on new regulations proposed by the ‘statement of emergency,’ in the coming days.

The reason for the concern is that because the state is able to tax legal marijuana, the effects of running out of pot to sell could be surprisingly far-reaching. Currently, revenue from the 15% tax on the cultivation of cannabis is being spent on public education. Stephanie Klapstein, a spokesperson for the Department of Taxation, released a statement saying that, “a halt in this market [recreational marijuana] will lead straight to a hole in the state’s school budget.” Not only is Klapstein’s point valid, but as demand for recreational pot grows, state tax revenue from legal sales will increase dramatically, leading to increased funding that the state can spend on whatever is needed.

Cultivation of marijuana

As soon as Nevada began officially selling legal marijuana on July 1st, demand for legal weed immediately began to rise. This is largely due to the sudden demand for medical marijuana, which can be obtained by receiving a medical marijuana card. There are multiple ways to obtain a marijuana card in Nevada, but you must consult a doctor in some form. Many people choose to visit a weed doctor who specializes in prescribing medicinal marijuana, as a visit to their office can get you a weed card quickly and easily. It’s also possible to get a medical marijuana card online, which also involves a consultation or questionnaire from a weed doctor and can even result in obtaining a marijuana card the same day.

The medical uses of marijuana are varied. For years in certain states, weed has been used to treat symptoms such as nausea, headaches, insomnia and lack of appetite, particularly during chemotherapy or when suffering from serious illnesses. Many doctors also increasingly support the use of marijuana to treat mental illnesses such as anxiety, OCD and depression, as the effects of cannabis can alleviate symptoms of these disorders.

More recently, medical cannabis is also being sought out as an alternative to ADHD medication. While ADHD medication can be highly effective, unpleasant side effects are common, and patients can experience withdraw al symptoms from these medications. Medical cannabis can provide relief from ADHD symptoms without these side effects. People with ADHD often suffer from insufficient dopamine in their brain, and smoking cannabis causes a release of dopamine that can provide relief.

Marijuana in Nevada

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada, many people also wish to buy pot for purely recreational purposes. So long as citizens of Nevada are over the age of 21, purchasing recreational cannabis is legal at licensed dispensaries. However, it is also possible to obtain a medical card even without a diagnosed mental or physical illness. Many people who live stressful lifestyles wish to smoke cannabis to reduce stress and feel pleasant and relaxed. In addition, recreational marijuana can aid those who suffer from chronic pain or migraines, as the pain-relieving aspects of cannabis are widely documented. Traditionally, those with chronic pain are usually prescribed opioids or will self-medicate with painkillers, but both of these substances can prove addictive. Cannabis, on the other hand, is safe and non-addictive.

For tourists or other out-of-state visitors, it is also legal to purchase recreational marijuana as long as they are 21 years of age or older. Residents of other states can also receive a medical card if they have a valid one from another state; this can be shown to a licensed doctor at an appointment or they can apply to get a medical marijuana card online.

In Nevada and other states where recreational marijuana has been legalized, residents are realizing the ways that cannabis can reduce stress, promote relaxation and positively impact overall health. For those suffering from mental or physical illnesses, the best option is to obtain a weed card, which can be done easily online or through in-person appointments with licensed cannabis doctors. In many families, the stigma against smoking cannabis remains a primary reason not to medicate with cannabis. Traditionally, smoking marijuana has been frowned upon, but attitudes are finally changing as legalization spreads. In Nevada, citizens who have benefited from medical or recreational marijuana are already feeling the positive effects, and soon, many more people will, too.

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