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There nothing like a strong, potent strain and some well designed smoking utensils to make you happy at the end of every day.

Even though I firmly believe that not every place and city should have smoking lounges because all of the one’s in Amsterdam are overcrowded and overpriced, Barcelona really made the best of their situation.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Spain, spending my time in Barcelona and reporting on the Spannabis festival. I simply couldn’t miss their cannabis clubs as they were all over the city.

Seeing how I already visited Amsterdam a couple of times, seeing the cannabis scene in Barcelona really gave me a different view. In hindsight, I believe that you can make weed clubs work.

All you really need is good weed with decent prices, and – more importantly, a seriously good designer.

Top shelf cannabis

As I was saying, good weed is one of the precondition to open a successful weed club – and that’s exactly what the Dr. Resin club had to offer.

I bought 3 grams of some sticky Afghan Kush, a gram of some Alien OG, and another cross of some Kush strain.

I gotta say – after just trying all three I was on cloud nine. But it wasn’t just the weed that got me feeling that good. It was the atmosphere of the place. The whole club was vibing at a totally different frequency from what I was used to.

Another thing to compare – aside from all tables being cramped and having to share them with other people in Amsterdam, there are no waitresses. You have to leave your table in order to get served at the bar.

In Dr. Resin, waitresses were just blitzing people left and right, asking if we’re all good and whether we need anything else. I even got a pack of papers, lighter and a grinder all for free.

While I was there, I got a little bit of Candy Dawg by Seed Stockers, and I gotta say — that was something else.

I rolled a joint of it once I got back to my AirBnB, smoked it to myself, and left the room. About 20 minutes later I was back, and the whole room smelt as if someone was baking a vanilla muffin or something. It was amazing.

Next level design

Having the best looking store is a shortcut to having the best selling store – the interior design of the Dr. Resin store is just another proof to that. I simply didn’t want to leave the club even after I smoked all the weed I had.

However, interior is not the only thing that can be designed to such perfection. Just take a look at bongs.

Many bongs are now looking less and less like bongs, and more so like pieces of art. Just take a look at the photo below and tell me if your first thought was “Oh yeah that’s a bong, no doubt.”

BRNT Hexagon

This is the BRNT Hexagon, one of the fanciest bongs you’ll ever see. It was designed with the intent not to look like a bong, but rather like a vase.

What if I also told you that it’s possible to make a pipe out of concrete, and not only that, but it will look better than almost any other and it is far less likely to break?

You’d probably think I was lying, right?

Faro pipe and Briq ashtray

Well, I’m not. Introducing the Faro concrete handheld pipe. This piece is truly unique in the sense that you’ll rarely find a piece this nice and resilient.

However, it does have one flaw – it’s a bit on the heavy side when compared to glass pipes. But what’d you expect from a concrete pipe?

Along with the pipe you can get yourself a concrete Briq ashtray and complete the set.

This is what I mean by next level design – making things that are out of the ordinary, something people aren’t used to at all. Take your customers by surprise! That will be, in my opinion, the deal breaker when it comes to the future of the cannabis stores in Canada and America.

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