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In this guide you will learn

  • Growing Goals
  • Knowledge Means Continuous Growth
  • Better Decisions
  • Minimize Expectations, Let Patience Grow

April 2, 2019

You’ve been in the Marijuana business for a while now, but in
terms of investing you’ve decided you want to hike it up a notch. Now,
investing isn’t exactly the easiest mountain to climb, but marijuana
have continuously shown a type of stability in the market that is
undeniably attractive. We all admire attractive things, so, let’s make your
first time learning to invest seem attractive to you, starting with what you should know before beginning the phases of

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The New Investor

Yes, you, the investor (you may want to get used to referring to yourself seriously as one). Being new to this, its beneficial to understand what qualities make a great investor. A good investor is going to narrow their goals, dive deep into as much knowledge as possible, make better decisions, and lower expectations.

Growing Goals

marijuana investing facts growing goals

Seeds, soil, and water are all necessary tools to get goals
sprouting, but if there’s no strategy whilst using those three tools, your
plant will nearing miss the seed-spreading stage, and once you ignore that
stage there’s no plant. All that to say, 
a plan of action is essential to growth as
an investor

•   Create clarity within your goal

•    Know what you want to invest in, and why.

•    Understand investment return and have a plan of action when it happens.

Knowledge Means Continuous Growth

marijuana investing facts knowledge means continuous growth

Without planting-knowledge, once again the seed doesn’t stand a chance. Having an adequate understanding of the market will create possibilities for you that have no ceilings. That’s equivalent to leaving a plant in the sun to dry out and skipping its manicure. The more knowledge you acquire, the more your plant grows.

•       Understand what funds are and how they work

•       Know exit points

•       Research companies and their strategies

•       Understand where you’re putting your green (money).

•       Get comfortable with forms of analysis

Better Decisions

marijuana investing facts better decisions

The stress on making the right decisions should haunt you. If you’re investing, but ignoring what is right, you’re only killing your own seed (goal), which is why having an understanding in the market is prominent to your success as a good decision-maker. Listen to others and listen to your environment because both will help you make the right decisions, and listening to the market will aid you in becoming a better investor.

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Minimize Expectations, Let Patience Grow

marijuana investing facts expectation patience

Lastly, don’t expect your investments to grow a ceiling’s height in a matter of hours or days. Practice being patient during every growth stage, plus, the more you practice being patient, the more you’ll come to appreciate your journey to wealth. The only way to produce wealth is to stand the test of time. That sounds cliché, but not one successful person has planted a seed and became disappointed with the opportunity to watch the goal grow taller. Understand that patience is your biggest asset.

•       Steer clear of short-term results

•       Let your portfolio grow into a masterpiece

•       Again, stick to your plan

•       Don’t lean on recent history too much

•       Don’t try to avoid the losses

•       Devour your fear, meaning don’t let it be a motivator in becoming impatient.

Do yourself a favor and take the unnecessary load off your shoulders by following these short tips. Long story, short, be clear about your goals and continue to water them with both knowledge, patience, and minimal expectations.

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