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The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) filed an emergency rule on March 1, 2019, temporarily raising the medical cannabis plant count limit to 2,500 plants per producer. The prior limit wasonly 450 plants per producer.

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New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program


To apply for the Medical Cannabis Program, click on the application you need below.

  • Medical Cannabis Patient Application
  • Medical Cannabis Caregiver Application
  • Medical Cannabis Personal Production Application

Important Information

Medical Cannabis Program — NMAC

  • NMAC Rule Change – 2019 – MCP – Emergency Amendment

Patient Application Approval – August 21, 2017

Each day, the Medical Cannabis Program receives hundreds of patient applications. The Program has 30 days to approve a completed application from the date we receive it in our office. While it is the patient’s responsibility to submit an application at least 30 days before their card expires, the Program strongly encourages patients submit applications 60 days prior to their card expiring.

Here is how patients and providers can help to ensure a smooth approval process.

  • Make sure required signatures are on the application, including from the patient and certifying practitioner.
  • Include a current, valid copy of your New Mexico identification card or your New Mexico’s Driver’s License. Most of the incomplete applications received by the Program are due to missing or expired New Mexico identification cards or expired or missing NM Driver’s License cards.
  • If your practitioner has indicated medical records are included with the application, please make sure you include them with your application.
  • Please follow the checklist on the application to ensure all required information is submitted.

Any New Mexico practitioner with prescribing authority, including your primary care provider, can sign the medical certification on the patient application.

The New Mexico Department of Health’s Medical Cannabis Program is not affiliated with any third-party businesses that sign patient certifications or complete patient applications. If you have paid a third party to complete your patient application, we advise that you call them first to check when they mailed or delivered your application to the Department of Health.


  • Medical Cannabis Card Extension Period Ending
  • Medical Cannabis 4/20 Letter to Law Enforcement
  • Medical Cannabis Renewal Applications Letter to Licensed Non-Profit Producers
  • Medical Cannabis Renewal Applications Letter to Law Enforcement Partners

Upcoming Events

Medical Cannabis Advisory BoardMedical Cannabis General Information  Public MeetingFriday March 29 @ 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Harold Runnels Building
1190 S. St. Francis Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505505-827-2613 Phone – 505-827-2530 Fax

The meeting will be on the first floor in the auditorium (Room A-1006). Petitions to add conditions may be accepted at any time. Those received 30 days prior to the meeting, by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday February 27th, may be scheduled for the March 29, 2019 meeting.

News Articles


  • Petition to Add Opiate Disorder as Qualifying Condition (February 18, 2019)
  • Medical Cannabis Program Launches Improved Patient Application (March 19, 2018)
  • Medical Cannabis Patient Services Program Relocating (June 28, 2016)


  • Applicant Pool Narrowed for Medical Cannabis Producer Licenses (August 31, 2015)
  • 12 New Licensed Non-Profit Producers for Medical Cannabis (October 5, 2015)



  • Medical Cannabis Licensed Non-Profit Producer List (General)
  • Medical Cannabis Licensed Non-Profit Producer Re-Licensures List for 2018/2019 (General)
  • Medical Cannabis Licensed Non-Profit Producer Re-Licensures List for 2017/2018 (General)


  • Medical Cannabis Advisory Board Members (General)
  • Medical Cannabis Licensed Non-Profit Producer Report (2018-Q4) (Report)
  • Medical Cannabis Patient Statistics Report (2019-01-31) (Report)


  • Medical Cannabis Patient Application (Form)
  • Medical Cannabis Personal Production Application (Form)
  • Medical Cannabis Law Enforcement Fact Sheet (Policies, Protocols & Procedures)

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