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  1. Sungrown Packaging and Higher Standard Packaging from recyclable and compostable materials
  2. HISIERRA sustainable dispensary exit bags from renewable plant-based materials from their fossil-fuel free facility.
  3. Regenerative farming methods; many cannabis companies are going beyond sustainability using such methods.
  4. Flow Kana “beyond-organic” and sustainable cannabis; partner with veteran farmers that grow small batches of sun-grown cannabis.
  5. Eel River Organics organic and sustainable marijuana farming methods and outdoor-grown cannabis; dry farming is as close to zero-waste and biodynamic as is currently possible. 
  6. L’Eagle only adult-use, indoor grown cannabis grower with a Clean Green certification.
  7. Terrapin Care Station
  8. Bird Valley Organics ancient Hugelkultur technique.
  9. Swami Select
  10. Catalyst Cannabis Co
  11. Raw Garden concentrates, labeled Clean Green.
  12. Sana Packaging
  13. Hemp Wick—exactly what the name implies; produced by many different brands and companies.
  14. Puffco—high-quality, non-toxic, long-lasting vaporizers; refill chamber for hash oil that does not come from traditional cartridges.
  15. Phuncky Feel Tips
  16. Marley Natural
  17. Sunrise Mountain Farms, a clean, sustainable approach to producing cannabis alongside naturally thriving wild elderberries (Sambucus).
  18. Papa & Barkley’s; company’s pre-existing, small-holder agricultural ecosystem (think Dr. Bronner’s) which is 100% free of the harmful pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers necessitated by Big Ag, makes the need for a Big Ag cannabis takeover in California completely obsolete,” according to CEO Michael Steinmetz, who believes the cannabis industry at large, needs to “prioritize environmentally responsible practices and source from sustainable resources.” 
  19. Canndescent; invested a combined $3.75m to retrofit its inimitable 11,000 square foot warehouse for solar and cannabis production; CFO Tom DiGiovanni reports they want “to help the ‘green’ industry to go greener” by accelerating the adoption of solar power and “green door” practices within the cannabis industry.

Recycling + Sustainability 

  • Are You Green When It Comes to Weed? | The Internet Can Help
  • National Association of Cannabis Businesses: National Standards
  • GCP Responsible Cannabis Framework
  • GCP Responsible Framework Fact Sheet
  • E-Waste
  • Earth911
  • Recycling laws map
  • Recycling Locator 
  • Call2Recycle
  • The Opportunities of Solar Panel Recycling
  • The Solar Panel’s Life After Death
  • Energizer Holdings Inc. Sustainability Pledge
  • Where to Recycle Batteries
  • How to Recycle Batteries
  • Where to Recycle Batteries
  • Battery Recycling of America: Battery Recycling Process
  • EZ On The Earth: Small Battery Recycling

Security + Risk Considerations 

  • Security and Risk Considerations for Continued Growth
  • Top 5 Cannabis Security Services for Marijuana Dispensaries

Activism + Advocacy 

  • The Answer Page
  • Americans for Safe Access
  • Brownie Mary Democratic Club
  • Marijuana Policy Project
  • MAP Inc. Media Awareness Project
  • Marijuana Majority
  • NORML National
  • CannaMedU Educational Resources
  • American Marijuana


  • National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB)
  • NACB National Standards
  • California Cannabis Industry Association
  • Emerald Growers Association
  • National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)
  • WATCH— State of the States 2019 Webinar
  • Marijuana Statistics 2019, Usage, Trends and Data


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      National News

      • The Latest Cannabis Legislation News From Capitol Hill
      • 4/20 in 2020: PresidentialCandidates’ views on marijuana
      • Governors Across U.S. Step Up Push To Legalize Marijuana In Their States
      • Cannabis Now
      • Canna Law Blog
      • Ladybud
      • The Weed Blog
      • BDS Analytics: Cannabis Retail Price Index (CPI) & Cannabis Consumer Sales Report – December 2019

      International News

      • WATCH—The Global Cannabis Picture – Challenges and Opportunities
      • Cannabis Culture
      • International CannaLaw Blog
      • Global Cannabis Compliance Blog


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