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Some celebrate parties in moon‘s honor, some find answers; some assure it makes their hair grow stronger; and when is full moon some even howl. Since the world is world; human being has been fascinated for it. Its symbolism appears in all cultures, and has an own mythology. But furthermore myths and believes, this satellite creates an unquestionable influence on Earth. Its dominance over tides, alive being and planet’s rhythm is amazing.

Influence of Moon over crops

Since early crops, human being noticed that some kind of influence  between moon stages and productivity and yield existed. Some lunar calendar had been found with more than 8000 years of antiquity. These calendars, the older used by men, are still used -in an updated form- today. Is thought that the same way it acts on tides, its gravitatory force exerts an effect over plants, affecting the ascending and descending of sage (the fluid that circulates through plants feeding cells). this way, depending in which position is, sage will be found more concentrated in roots, leaves, stems or fruits.

To know lunar stages could be useful to know those specific cares plants need on each moment, to optimize crops. Farmers have done it since back in the day. In reality, follow these rules is nothing more than respecting and following the natural processes timings of growth in a precise moment. I we notice this, we will help seeds to sprout, plants grow healthier and more resistant, flower earlier, and produce abondant fruits. There is no need to say this satellite won’t do all the job for us, lunar calendar can be useful, but does not substitute all other growing techniques.

Lunar stages

Did you ever stopped and think about its effect over tides, female menstrual cycles, or reproductive habbits of some marine animals? These effects are ruled by lunar phases. This satellite orbits around Earth, which at the same time orbits around sun (just in case someone stayed in geocentrism). When we refer to lunar phases, we are talking about angle formed between Earth, Moon and sun. At the field this is the visible form of moon at night, and the main reason because sometimes we see full moon or partially covered.

The lunar cycle lasts 29 days, and during this cycle moon goes along 9 different stages. To don’t complicate we will simplify them in 4 main phases:

new moon

New Moon

Moon is not visible from Earth. Cuts produced during new moon toughly will sprout again, so pruning plants is not recommended. Nevertheless, it is a great moment to remove bad herbs.

Growing Moon cannabis

Growing Moon

Moon becomes a D-form. Activity inside the plant increases, focussing in stems and roots. Conditions are ideal put your germinated seeds in substrate, or to transplant plants.

Full Moon

Full Moon

The moon is showing complete. The sage moves up to aereal parts of plants.

Waning Moon

Waning Moon

Moon is shown in a C-form. Sage descents. It is not recommended to plant, nor transplant, but it is for pruning. Pruning in waning moon avoid sage losses, are less stressful for plants, and these recover easily.

Due to a elliptical orbit, the distance Moon-Earth is in constant variation, so there is another point to take advantage:

Ascending Moon: Sage rise up to the stems and foliage. It is a good moment to prune or prepare cuttings.

Descendant Moon

Sage flows down. The activity of plant is focused in roots. It is moment to plant or work in substrate.

Nodes: It is produced every 14 days and half, when orbits of Moon and Earth match. Energetic disturbances are originated, and plants keep in stand by. The best is to do nothing with them.


Apogee and perigee

During these phases the Moon is on its closer point (Perigee) and farthest (Apogee) from Earth. It is recommended to let plants do their own thing.

moon apogee perigee


Are produced when Earth, Moon and sun become aligned. Same happens with nodes, some energetic disturbances are produced, so it’s better not to work plants.

Application of Lunar calendar growing cannabis

As Moon creates certain influence on water, anything composed by water will be affected by lunar stages too. And this, even there are no studies focused specifically on cannabis, also includes our favourite plant.

Lunar calendar is a very useful tool if you plan to grow following the stars. But don’t worry, if you just pretend to put a step into it, you just need to follow some basic tips. Following we will detail how to act regarding lunar calendar along different stages of plant’s developement.

Germination: By general law, crops grown in soil, like cannabis, it is recommendable to plant them in growing-moon, while ones developed under the substrate is better in waning-moon. The ideal moment to plant our cannabis plants starts after the new moon and extends until growing quarter, as it seems plants planted just before full moon tend to germinate faster. Some studies argue that seeds sprouted in this stage can uptake more water, so these crops can produce yields that almost double the amount compared with ones sprouted in new moon.

Moon and cannabis

Vegetative stage: The optimal moment to plant germinated seeds is on descendant in growing stage. During vegetative period is convenient to take advantage of growing moon improves nutrient uptake, so in that point is recommended to reduce the amount used to avoid nutrient burnings.

We will reduce the stress and we will also help our plant’s recovery if we prune in descendant and decliniing stage. On the other hand, if we pretend to produce some cuttings it is recommended to wait until the late phase of ascending, cuttings will be stronger and sage filled, but this starts to move down to roots, so the plant won’t suffer as much. To plant those we should wait until it starts to descent. In addition if we make it match with the growing stage we will be stimulating root developement.

Flowering stage: If we thought about using nutrients and boosters for flowering phase, it is better to do it in descendant and growing phase. But if nutrients are synthetic we should apply them in waning phase. If our plants show out a lack of phosphorus this moment is ideal, but it they require potassium it will be better uptaken when is in new phase.
If we need to use pesticides along this period and we want to avoid the odor absortion is good to apply them in waning phase.

Harvest: During harvest one on other type might be convenient depending on our preferences. If we are interested in a quick dry, we will boost timings harvesting with new moon, as sage is in its lowest point. If we want to enhance the active principies concentration we should harvest in growing moon, or full moon. In paralel, harvesting with waning moon will accent odors and tastes of our crop. But if we harvest to get seds we should look to the moon looking for ascending moon.

Science or superstition

The question is a must. How much is true in all this? The influence of the moon is demonstrated scientifically or is it only superstition? The answer has a bit of controversy. Traditions arise from popular belief, and are based in observation. That it’s been done for years doesn’t mean it is a valid argue for skeptics. Nowadays, and since decades ago, many studies have been made (obviously not with cannabis…). Reading a bit, it is easy to find experiments that conclude that a crop from “lunar growth” and a standard one don’t vary much, but at the same time there are other biodynamic studies that talk about lunar growth with up to 50% more yields than standards (at the end of this post you’ll find links to some books and related articles).

Nevertheless, this is easy to solve. Plant to seeds from the same strain (or get two clones) and try it yourself sharing with us your results. Are you ready? Remember that doesn’t matter if you are growing indoors or outdoors. The Moon is out there and, for the moment, seems it will be there for a long season.


Gardening for Life

Plantig by the phases, E.A Crawford


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