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Welcome back to MERRY JANE’s Spotify Playlist Takeover series. In this special 4/20 edition of the column, we’re handing the sonic reins to Young Stoner Life, the most iconic (and pot-friendly) hip-hop collective imaginable. 

To wit, the crew features Young Thug, Gunna, Lil Keed, Strick, and Duke. Young Stoner Life is a record label imprint run by music’s top marijuana MVPs, but its got the superhuman support of 300 Entertainment and the one-of-a-kind sensibility of Thugger. In other words, Young Stoner Life is essentially the Avengers of hip-hop. For all we know, they’re fucking up villains and saving the world when they’re not in the booth or on tour together — as in the case of Gunna and Lil Keed. 

To help us celebrate the highest of high holidaze, the sativa-soaked spitters put together a playlist of some of their top tracks. From Young Thug’s “Stoner,” to Gunna’s “Wit It,” this selection of tunes will add nothing but hot fire to your hazy 4/20 plans. 

Peep the playlist below, and keep reading for our interview with Young Stoner Life. 

MERRY JANE: What was it like the first time all members of Young Stoner Life were in the same room? Where was it? What did y’all do?

Young Stoner Life: It was harmony. We are always all together in studios across the globe. And we always just working. All the Slimes have incredible work ethic.

If the members of YSL each represented one smoking method — joints, blunts, bongs, edibles — who would be what?

We’re all backwoods fa sho! No just any blunt. That’d be crazy!

Who smokes the most in the group? Who smokes the least?

That’s a tough one. We might need to have a smoke out to see who taps out first.

If YSL were a pro sports team, what would be your warm-up track? 

We would warm up to “Slime Language,” the EP

When y’all are in the recording studio, what’s the vibe like? Is it all work, or is it a party too?

It’s always a mixture of both. We work so hard and we never leave the studio, but that’s mainly because the vibe is always there — wherever we are! We can bring the party to us! 

What are the members of YSL doing on 4/20? How does everyone plan to celebrate?

You already know…

If you could pair one weed strain with this Spotify playlist, what would it be and why?


What’s the best environment to listen to this playlist in?

The free world.

What’s in the near future for YSL? Can you tell me anything about the album or if there will be upcoming tours?

There’s a ton of great things on the horizon. Keep your eye on every single one of us from Young Stoner Life.

For more on Young Stoner Life visit their site via 300 Entertainment here

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