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Which Marijuana Stocks are We Watching This Week?

The month of June has already been quite positive for the world of marijuana stocks. The pot stock market has seen a large number of ups and downs in the past week alone. This, of course, is due to the volatility that has occurred throughout the cannabis space since its inception. With so much potential running through the marijuana stock market overall, it seems as though we may just be getting started.

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Canadian Marijuana Stocks Continue to Boom

With so much potential, the cannabis stock market looks to stay as one of the most interesting investor spaces of the current day. Pot stocks may have a lot going for them, but the most important thing to do before investing is always the proper research.

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Cannabis Products For Different Kind Of Moods

With the legalization of cannabis, the marijuana industry is gaining quite a reputation. In the past, marijuana had a bad stigma and was often being referred to as ‘devil’s lettuce’ representing Bob Marley’s pop culture. While the past reflects cannabis poorly, recent times are starting to change marijuana’s situation. The demand for cannabis has been increasing each day in various states, especially California.

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Analyst Claims This Marijuana Company Could Hit Profitability First

Ever since cannabis was legalized in Canada and parts of the United States, a range of cannabis companies have come up in the fast-growing industry. However, only a handful have managed to become truly big players in the marijuana industry.

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  1. I’m pretty sure the cannabis stock play is a great long-term bet. While some investors were no-doubt anticipating an immediate high ROI from the get-go… that’s just not realistic. Sure, it’s great news that the Great White North finally legalized ‘the devils lettuce,’ but the United States is still procrastinating and pontificating over the obvious––marijuana should be legalized at the federal level. Until then, I’ll bet on cannabis stocks that focus on upper-end brand procurement and the licensed distribution and transportation of cannabis, like TransCanna.


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