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There are now more than 211,000 cannabis jobs across the United States. More than 64,000 of those jobs were added in 2018. That’s enough people to fill Chicago’s Soldier Field, with 3,000 more tailgating outside.

Legal cannabis is currently the greatest job-creation machine in America. The cannabis workforce increased 21% in 2017. It gained another 44% in 2018. We expect at least another 20% growth in jobs in 2019. That would represent a 110% growth in cannabis jobs in just three years.

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The Plain Dealer reports

Ohio’s budding medical-marijuana industry has more open jobs than candidates

GIBSONBURG — Erik Vaughan was one of four employees at northwest Ohio’s Standard Wellness Co. just six months ago. Now with 45 employees, the company is moving forward with plans to cultivate, process and sell medical marijuana.

“We had to go out of state to find specialists and managers for our cultivation business. With our state-of-the art facility here in Gibsonburg (near Sandusky), it was an easy sell to get people to move from Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Mexico,” Vaughan said. “We have a large-scale commercial business, and we needed to hire them so that they could pass on knowledge to other employees. It’s an exciting time.”

But Standard Wellness, which plans to double its number of employees in the next 12 to 18 months, isn’t the only one facing the hiring need. Industry insiders say there just aren’t enough people with marijuana experience, so they are recruiting from other fields and training them.

Nationwide, marijuana-related job openings rose 76 percent from December 2017 to December 2018, with 1,512 open roles posted in that final month of 2018 alone, according to Glassdoor. Back in 2017, that number was only 858. Jobs in cultivation, extraction, retail and ancillary businesses have salaries that range from $22,000 to $300,000.

While no specific numbers for Ohio’s fledgling medical-marijuana-jobs market are available yet, industry experts say Ohio is part of that national job-growth trend. Yet, while there is growth, the new industry can have some downside for employees too.

“The biggest surprise has been the level of interest from the community for all of our job openings,” Vaughan said. “For the six dispensary spots we recently opened, we had 190 applicants. In general, we’ve been getting about 20 to 30 applicants for every job opening we post.”

Marijuana-related companies are hiring in fields from plant-tending to administration. Most Ohio jobs, right now, are in dispensaries and in cultivation. But that’s going to change.

Robin Ann Morris, CEO of MaryJane Agency in Sandusky, says her company has collected more than 500 resumes and video interviews throughout the state in the past year.

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But wait there’s more !……. Earlier this week cannabis snatched an Amazon VP ,now here’s news of an ex Twitter exec moving over to the Green side.

Twitter Veteran Leaves For Cannabis Company

NorCal Cannabis Co, a cannabis consumer goods company, has appointed Joel Lunenfeld as the company’s chief marketing officer. Lunenfeld left Twitter in 2017 after six years as VP, global brand strategy.

Lunenfeld spoke to Benzinga about his new appointment: “When I started at Twitter in 2011, social media was just starting to become a mainstream mode of communication in society. Being able to tell our story and educate people about how and why to use Twitter was our top job. At NorCal, educating people about cannabis and building consumer trust is the most important pillar of our growth as well. It will be our number one job moving forward.”


Church’s Chicken Hires CMO; Smoothie King Appoints Chief Marketer

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