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Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. Launches Innovative Advertising Solution for CBD Companies

Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. (LBUY) (“Leafbuyer” or “the Company”), a leading cannabis technology platform, today announced additional enhancements to its recently upgraded website. The Company launched a CBD locations page to connect CBD retailers with consumers. This development provides Leafbuyer’s CBD clients direct, digital access to the millions of cannabis consumers the Leafbuyer Total Network reaches every month.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound commonly found in the cannabis plant. Preliminary research and consumer reports suggest a host of medical benefits. The overwhelming growth of the hemp-CBD market leads analysts to predictthe market could hit $22 billion by 2022.

“The number of Leafbuyer CBD customers has grown exponentially – more than 330% – over the last year,” said Kurt Rossner, CEO of Leafbuyer. “After experiencing increased demand, we decided to provide additional value for our CBD company clients and help streamline consumer interaction with the brands. Previously, we focused on dispensary locations and online CBD operations. There is huge opportunity to cater to the hundreds of brick and mortar CBD locations across the country and provide this untapped market with valuable marketing and advertising solutions.”

This enhancement complements the most recent website overhaul Leafbuyer completed in May 2019.

The new “CBD Stores” menu geotargets the consumer’s location, making it more convenient to find CBD locations near them. Consumers can learn about brands, explore profiles, and connect with the businesses directly through The platform works similarly to the Premium Products profile page, a website extension on utilized by product companies that sell THC-infused edibles, vape pens, glassware, and other items.

“These improvements will make it easier for Leafbuyer to target and retain CBD companies as clients,” said Rossner. “The value of direct-to-consumer marketing is inherent on and, now, our CBD clients will reap the benefits.”

About Leafbuyer is one of the most comprehensive online sources for cannabis deals and information. Leafbuyer works alongside cannabis and CBD businesses to showcase their unique products and build a network of loyal patrons. The Company’s online network reaches millions of marijuana consumers every month. Leafbuyer is the official cannabis deals platform of Voice Media Group, Dope Media, and Grasscity.

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