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Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. Announces Website Redesign and Multi-Platform Congruency

Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. (LBUY) (“Leafbuyer” or “the Company”), a leading technology company within the cannabis industry, announced today the upcoming launch of its redesigned website. With the official release anticipated next week, will offer an improved experience for cannabis and CBD consumers.

The updates include enhanced mapping, advanced search functionality, and improved integration among Leafbuyer’s newest technology offerings, including order ahead, delivery, and direct-to-consumer messaging.

“Our last major website overhaul took place 18 months ago. Now, with the development of our texting and loyalty solution Leafbuyer Loyalty, the acquisition of the Greenlight order-ahead platform, and the launch of delivery within the Greenlight app, the website redesign brings everything together,” said Michael Goerner, CTO of Leafbuyer. is a valuable tool for dispensary and product company clients to reach cannabis consumers and for consumers to find deals on cannabis products. The updates will enhance the usability of the site through improved navigation, user interface, and organization.

“The new functionality will make it easier than ever for cannabis consumers to find and interact with Leafbuyer’s dispensary and product clients and their offerings,” said Kurt Rossner, CEO of Leafbuyer. “Although our website is only one of our many technology and marketing platforms, it’s one of the first interactions potential clients and consumers have with Leafbuyer. This launch brings refreshing change to one of our fundamental technology pillars.”

As the Company continues to expand its national footprint, this dynamic website will allow Leafbuyer to increase monetization opportunities through nearly every aspect of the website, including advertising, company profiles, product listings, and more.

About Leafbuyer is one of the most comprehensive online sources for cannabis deals and information. Leafbuyer works alongside cannabis businesses to showcase their unique products and build a network of loyal patrons. The Company’s online network reaches millions of marijuana consumers every month. Leafbuyer is the official cannabis deals platform of LA Weekly, Voice Media Group, Dope Media, Grasscity, and The Stranger.

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