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What a week it’s been…

I don’t know about you, but it seems like everywhere you go these days someone’s angry and/or stressed out about one thing or another.

I’m witnessing people yelling in cars, stores, even outside as others are getting some fresh air.

We’ve been so accustomed to being inside and away from the public these past 6 months that’s it’s starting to show.

Most people tend to think that stress involves major life events, negative life events, and overwhelming change.

Then it occurred to me as I was driving yesterday morning that I was yelling at cars because I had the pressures of the day stressing me out.

Stress comes in many different forms and at seemingly any time.

Last week I wrote about stopping to smell the roses but could not because of a mask.

I even appreciated the email I received that I was wearing the wrong mask.  I mean it when I say…”I appreciated your email!”…but it did stress me out hahahaha!!!

Thank you taking the time to write and I’m glad you read my blurb!

In all seriousness, stress can be an important aspect of life.  Sometimes the fight or flight response is lifesaving.  Stress is also necessary to achieve goals and desires.

However, too much stress has been shown to have negative consequences in health and wellness and can progress to anxiety and illness.  Think Cancer, heart disease, inflammation, obesity, eating and auto-immune disorders to name a few, as the list is endless.

Incorporating cannabis into your lifestyle, even if it’s only to enhance sleep, as a daily supplement, or for more specific health reasons is so beneficial.

It’s always important in our stressful world to bring our bodies back to homeostasis by boosting our endocannabinoid system, getting outside, exercising, laughing, being around loved ones and with or without a mask…smelling the roses!

I challenge you to start this weekend off by bringing your stress levels down.

Have a great weekend.


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