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Did you know that 50 – 80 million Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder? Are you one of them?… I certainly am.

Sleep is so important to me, not only for beauty 😊, but our immune system, how well we feel, our ability to function, both physically and mentally.

Lack of sleep is like a domino effect to depression, anxiety, pain, and list goes on and on.

Another positive for a good night’s sleep is that studies show it has an anti-aging effect, who doesn’t want that?

While some people turn to sleep aids, others prefer more natural options such as meditation, exercise, prayer, books on tape, and even stopping the afternoon cup of Joe may work for many.

What I’ve personally used, besides the list above and a sleep routine, is adding CBD to my regimen.  But be careful because patients also report some wakefulness in addition to some sleepiness when adding CBD to their sleep routine as this appears to be dose related.  So stick with it, journal and find that sweat spot designed for you.

Since sleep is so important to health maintenance, we have decided to spotlight our newly ‘endorsed’ product to you, our UPG community.

I would like to introduce you to Aspen Green ‘Certified USDA Organic’ Hemp CBD.

Many of you may have seen my email introducing them yesterday, if not, please see their information below.

They have generously offered our UPG community an ‘exclusive’ Sleep and Recovery BOGO (Buy One, Get One) package. 

They offer a 100% Guarantee on their product line.

Please try them out, read how we vetted them and why we endorsed their product line.

Let me know how it worked for you.

Wishing you all a better night’s sleep and a blessed and safe weekend.

Be Informed. Be Well.


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Aspen Green’s ‘exclusive’ Sleep and Recovery BOGO (Buy One, Get One) package


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