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Who better to bring weed to the Sunshine State than trop-rocker Jimmy Buffett?

The “Margaritaville” musician announced the launch of his weed brand, Coral Reefer, in the days leading up to this year’s record-breaking 4/20 holiday. Coral Reefer is also the name of his long-time touring band.

“It never dawned on me that Coral Reefer would be anything other than a cool name for a tropical band born out of the Key West lifestyle in the mid-’70s,” Buffett said in a press release, according to Orlando Weekly. “But life is supposed to be about having fun and staying healthy enough to enjoy it.”

The company’s flagship products include a line of “tropically-inspired” vape cartridges. The carts come in four “intensity levels”: “Low Tide” for the lightweights, “Mid Tide,” “High Tide,” and “Tsunami” for the pros who’d enjoy “Surfing in a Hurricane.”

For now, only one dispensary holds Buffett’s “License to Chill.” Coral Reefer products are available at Surterra Wellness in Orlando, though the company will likely expand to additional shops in the future.

What does pot-promoter and glass-seller Coral Reefer think about Buffett’s new weed company? No word yet from the indica-inspired Instagrammer, but, to be fair, Buffett technically had the name first.

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