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Late last week, actor and spandex enthusiast Chris Evans met with noted cannabis advocate and Oregon Congressman Rep. Earl Blumenauer to discuss pot reform. 

According to Marijuana Moment, the two met as “part of a project Chris is working on with several members of Congress,” with some suggesting the Captain America star is preparing to launch a media platform focused on politics. 

In recent weeks, Evans has met with Senators from Delaware, Massachusetts (his home state), and New Hampshire, but it’s not totally clear what he discussed with each politician. 

During his meeting with Rep. Blumenauer, Evans reportedly “asked for the basics on why [cannabis reform] is important,” as well as “what the pros and cons of legalization were.” 

Blumenauer is widely regarded as one of the biggest champions of cannabis legalization and regulation, with the Congressman even lending his name to the Rohrabacher–Blumenauer Amendment — legislation which prohibits the feds from spending money to interfere with state-legal cannabis. 

After his meeting with the actor, Rep. Blumenauer tweeted that he “enjoyed speaking” with Evans about “marijuana reform, voting rights, and bipartisanship in times of division in the nation’s capital.” 

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