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The rapid development of the North American cannabis market has sparked a new industry, with innovation occurring at each level of the supply chain. From the seed in the ground to the customer enjoying a smooth smoking experience, the journey of the average cannabis product is elaborate, with different levels of the supply chain each influencing the final product.

According to Grown Rogue International (CSE:GRIN,OTC Pink:GRUSF), quality cannabis requires a “relentless commitment to the best practices in every area that matters,” which includes each level of the supply chain from seed to experience. As the North American cannabis industry continues to expand, the competition to consistently produce top-quality cannabis products has intensified. The companies capable of differentiating themselves through superior seeds, cultivation techniques and new extraction methods can expect to be in the best position as new competition enters the market.

Before the cultivation process is started, the genetics and strain selection of a particular cannabis seed can greatly impact the quality and effects of the resulting crop. The selective breeding of cannabis plants has enabled growers to optimize strains for specific purposes, creating strains with unique qualities that appeal to growers and consumers alike. By breeding cannabis plants with different phenotypes, cannabinoids and terpenes, cultivators are continuing to develop designer strains aimed at creating new and unique user experiences.

The following infographic, sponsored by Grown Rogue International, is designed to help investors learn more about the many levels of the cannabis supply chain, from seed to experience.

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