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As you may have noticed, recently we’ve added a wide range of magic mushrooms from Freshmushrooms to our online catalogue. While growing them at home is easy, it does require carefully following a few important steps to ensure everything works as it should and you can enjoy a successful, problem-free harvest of your own magic mushrooms.

In this article we present a concise guide to using our mushroom growing kits in a simple and effective way. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be!

A small forest of Amazonica mushrooms

A small forest of Amazonica mushrooms

Cultivating Freshmushrooms magic mushrooms step by step

Growing your own mushrooms like the famous Psilocybe Cubensis Panamericana, the classic Golden Teacher or the legendary Psicolybe Mckennaii is now easily within reach, and as you’ll see below, the team at Freshmushrooms couldn’t have made it easier thanks to this handy guide! These mushroom cultivation kits include everything you’ll need to get excellent crops in just a few weeks, without complications or risks, and with shrooms loaded with psilocybin. Let’s do it!

Step 1:

Open the box and remove the contents: the mushroom growing kit, the plastic bag and the paperclip. Remove the lid of the kit’s plastic container, rinse it well with clean water and store it properly, you’ll need it later (you can keep it safe inside a clean zip-close plastic bag, for example).

Step 2:

Place the plastic container containing the substrate (without the lid) into the included plastic bag. Slip the opening of the bag underneath the container, with the micro-perforations of the plastic bag facing up. This ensures the kit has sufficient air circulation (the opening of the bag is largely closed now, leaving the plastic container “wrapped” in the breathable bag).

The plastic container must be placed in the bag

The plastic container must be put in the bag

Step 3:

As soon as you see signs the first mushrooms appear in the substrate, reposition the bag vertically, upright, allowing the kit enough space for the mushrooms to develop. Notice that we still haven’t used any water in any of the steps! If everything works correctly, the first mushrooms should be formed in a week.

Step 4:

Put the bag with the container in a place with enough daylight (but never in direct sunlight!) and at a temperature between 18 and 23ºC. Mushrooms grow at temperatures above 15ºC, although 23ºC is perfect for larger harvests. If necessary, accessories such as the RootIt heating mat are ideal to maintain an ideal and constant temperature for the mushrooms, so it’s not necessary to heat the entire room where you’re growing them. Some people grow them close to a window in summer and put them inside a small heated greenhouse during winter with some 24W T5 Fluorescent tubes. If you want to keep everything private, put everything inside a small grow tent for clones.

Step 5:

As soon as you see the first fully formed mushrooms, you can open the bag slightly to avoid a build up of condensation. At this point, excess moisture can be detrimental to the development of mushrooms. The first mushrooms should be ready to harvest about a week after having seen the appearance of the first “buttons” in the substrate (step 3). Remember that you can monitor temperature and humidity at all times with the help of a digital thermo-hygrometer.

After just a few days we can see the first mushrooms

After just a few days we can see the first mushrooms

Step 6:

The moment to harvest the mushrooms is very important. You should examine the mushroom’s cap; If it’s swollen but the underside has not yet opened to allow you see the gills that contain the spores, then it’s the perfect moment. It’s important to harvest them before they open, leaving the gills exposed, thus releasing the spores.

Step 7:

Now, some excellent news for you… you can reuse the mushroom kit without needing to inoculate with fresh spores! It’s that easy! Simply harvest all the mushrooms and fill the container with clean water, a process called cold shock that promotes the formation of new life in the mycelium and ensures te substrate has enough water to develop a new crop of mushrooms.

We're soon harvesting the first mushrooms

We’re soon harvesting the first mushrooms

Step 8:

Cover the container with the lid you stored in step 1 and let it rest for 12 hours. Once this time has elapsed, open a corner of the lid and pour out the excess water not absorbed by the substrate. Now it’s ready to go again, you just have to follow the instructions again from step 1. You can reuse the kit several times, as long as you are scrupulously clean and careful after each step.

Tricks for mushroom cultivation

  • Always use new, clean latex gloves or similar
  • Try to use reverse osmosis or distilled/purified water
Cluster of Colombian Psilocybes

Cluster of Colombian Psilocybes

  • Abrupt variations of temperature or humidity can slow down the process of mushroom development, as well as non-optimal values.
  • If using a heat mat, put the bag with the kit on top of the blanket and switch it on during the first two days. After two days, turn the blanket off until you begin to see the first “buttons” (about a week), at which time you can turn it on again, opening the bag slightly to avoid condensation build up.
  • We recommend carefully pulling the mushrooms out rather than cutting them. This will encourage the appearance of new specimens when reusing the kit.
  • Although you can dry them, the effect of the mushrooms will diminish with the passage of time.
  • Heat degrades psilocybin rapidly. In case you want to preserve the mushrooms, dry them and put them in vacuum jars inside the fridge.

Hopefully we’ve shown clearly how to grow these mushrooms; As you can see it’s very simple and you can also reuse the mushroom kits several times, getting several harvests out of each kit. Don’t hesitate to leave us your comments or questions below, we’ll happily respond.

Happy harvests!

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