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With cannabis being slowly legalized across the whole North America, there is a big opening for those interested to participate in the industry, while also enjoying the fun part of it.

The cannabis industry is booming across the North American continent, and getting a job in it will never be easier than in the next few years.

Getting involved with the cannabis industry can be very expensive if you plan on getting a license, becoming a grower, and all that, but you could also take an alternative route.

If you choose to do so, you could turn almost any weed-related hobby into a full-time job that pays more than decent.

The whole industry is mostly new and unfamiliar to the public. This means that anything new and remotely interesting will be highlighted and put on display for the watching eyes of industry experts.

The art of rolling

I mentioned earlier that you could turn any hobby into a job. You can do this by making innovative designs and publishing them online.

What do I mean by that is that this could be the perfect opportunity to show off your skills. One skill that almost every weed lover has is the art of rolling a joint, or a blunt if that’s your preference.

However, rolling weed is a skill not very many have mastered, meaning that there is room for you to excel at that.

The perfect example of this would be Tony Greenhand. Tony is a professional weed roller, and you might even be familiar with some of his works.

Latest news tell us that the Atlanta-based rapper Wacka Flocka is currently on the hunt for a full-time weed roller, so there’s one opportunity right there.

The booming glass industry

With the development of the cannabis industry, the ancillary industries are also very likely to boom at the same time. One such field is the glass blowing industry.

If you know any weed lovers, you’re also familiar with their love for bongs, pipes, bubblers and other smoking accessories. Glass blowing will be huge in the next few years.

The weed industry will create opportunities for old-school glass blowing masters, as well as new and inexperienced glass blowers looking to learn this craft on the job.

I’m saying this because I know how big the demand for American-made glass is, and I know these bongs can for a couple hundred, to a couple grand per piece.

People are getting sick of Chinese-made bongs that break the first time you look at them wrongly, let alone drop them on the floor. The demand for American glass is huge, and there is a big void to be filled there.

Abusing the social media

Social media such as Snapchat, Instagram and Reddit can be used and abused for the purposes of getting a job. Or should I say for the purposes of the job-finding you?

Once you are good at something, you should put it online for everyone to see. If you are in the top 1% of weed rollers like Tony Greenhand, don’t be afraid to show off online.

If you make killer bongs that are simply a beautiful sight to behold, take some high-res photos of them and smack a couple tags on Instagram.

Turning your hobby into a business via the social networks is relatively easy, you just have to catch the hype train. Once people start talking about your product, you already got something going for you. Just don’t stop after a little while if things don’t necessarily go your way.

At the end of the day, just listen to advice from the Joker and you’ll do good in life no matter what you choose to do.

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