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Are the clouds from your vaporizer not thick enough? does the flavor feel a bit odd? If yes then that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with the device. Most of the time, people being lazy skip the grinding step and ends up messing up the flavor of the vapors unknowingly.

Therefore, you must realize how imperative that simple step is for the aftermath of your vaping. A perfect grinder profoundly enhances the quality of your vape experience and help attain the most out of each serving. So, let’s help you understand how a perfect grinder increases your vaping pleasure.

1)     It gets rid of “nuggets”

The term widely circulates around the cannabis community, but what does it mean? It refers to irregular-sized granules of herbs resulted from grinding with bare hands. Nuggets lead to uneven heating in the oven, as a result, the vapors produced are thin and distasteful. To maintain the ideal consistency, a fine grinder is a must-have. Otherwise, you’d be continuously ruining your experience.

2)     It increases the surface area

The warm air circulation is the key element in producing thicker clouds. But when the flow is halted by uneven nuggets, lesser amounts of vapors are extracted from the plant matter. On the other hand, when you fill the heating chamber with fine-textured matter, the airflow circulates properly and affects more herbs due to the larger surface area. As a result, it extracts the vapors at its best, giving you thick clouds of euphoria.

3)     It gives stronger natural flavors

Having ground up herbs in the chambers exposes more surface area to the warm air. Meaning, it will generate a greater number of vapors that will give stronger and more intense hits. So, if you’ve made you your mind then check high-end weed grinders on our platform; that provides reliable, durable and high-quality grinders for every vape enthusiast.

4)     It retains the potency 

Have you ever noticed while grinding with your hand, a lot of plant matter gets stick on your fingers? The residue ends up being a huge waste of money. On the contrary, a quality grinder comes with extra compartments to catch the potent pollens without coming in contact with human skin. In other words, you would have more weed with all its potency and natural flavor retained.

5)     It enhances the flavor and the smell

A huge part of vaping pleasure includes the distinct aroma of cannabis. The natural smell and the taste are bewitching and can’t be overlooked. When you use a grinder to shred the flowers, potent portions of the plant get exposed to the heating element, giving rise to irresistible smell and flavor. This can’t be achieved by any other method.

6)     It saves time

Shredding the cannabis plant with fingers may take a while. While a grinder can make a short work of this. They are outfitted with razor-sharp blades that cut the material rapidly while maintaining the quality. Moreover, many latest electric grinders can grind a full bowl in a matter of seconds. How convenient is that?

7)     Denser fuel tanks

Do you know what happens when your fuel tank isn’t filled enough? The strength of the flavor gets compromised and the vaporizers runs out of fuel fast. However, with the help of a grinder, you can densely fuel up the tank; that will not only enhance the flavor but also reduces the time between refueling.

8)     Catches kief

Kief are trichome crystals enriched with potency. They have an immense number of cannabinoids, found on the cannabis flowers. Being saturated with these compounds, kief is an ideal way to increase one’s cannabinoid intake. They give you a lasting high feeling and a stronger hit.

But they are not easy to remove from the flower, especially not with the hands. You might have to use a weed grinder to separate these compounds without messing up their potency or wasting them. These devices are outfitted with fine mesh screens to filter out kief. Many latest models also come with an additional compartment on the bottom to collect it.  These cannabinoid-rich concentrates can amplify the overall vaping pleasure.

9)  It Does Not Create A Mess

Grinding with fingers can be pretty messy. The pollens and fine particulates can stick to your clothes and skin. This way, you would not only mess up your clothes but also waste a lot of precious cannabis matter. However, grinders are a convenient solution for this mess. They have a tight structure, ensuring firm closure which prevents spillage during grinding sessions. After that, you can collect the herbs from the bottom compartment without losing any of it.

10) They Provide Convenience During Travel

Imagine if you had to grind herbs while being on a moving train or a bus. Seems pretty impractical right? Well, attempting this would create a huge mess and there is no guarantee if you’d be able to successfully pull that off. Here a quality weed grinder can save you, and provide pleasure on the go. With these devices, you’d be qualified to prepare your herbs no matter where you are.

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