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The Ontario Cannabis Store is looking to add 17 new products that will add variety to the market and instigate another huge wave of shoppers.

Cannabis has been legal in Canada for more than half a year, yet not very many new products have hit the market. In fact, so far it’s been legal to sell only cannabis flower to the recreational shoppers.

Medical patients have had the benefit of smoking cannabis extracts and using pills and topical cremes made from cannabis for quite some time now, and it’s about time recreational users are offered the same or similar options.

One of the local sources confirmed that the Ontario Cannabis Store will be adding 17 new products to its online shelves, of which the most impatiently expected are hash and edibles.

4 classes of products

Health Canada still hasn’t finalized the regulations governing the second wave of cannabis products, even though the government agency released the draft of the regulations back in December 2018.

The OCS announced they will be hosting 4 new classes of products:

  • Edibles
  • Beverages
  • Concentrates
  • Topicals

The first group, edibles, speaks for itself – foods that are infused with cannabis will be finally offered on the legal market. The most popular types of edibles such as gummies, baked goods such as cookies and brownies, and hard candy will all find shoppers eagerly waiting for the release of these products.

Hot, cold and alcohol-free drinks will also have a place of their own on the shelves. Beverage companies such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are expected to enter the race and secure commanding positions in Canadian cannabis companies in the near term.

Concentrates such as hash, rosin, resin, wax, cartridges, BHO, and kief are expected to make a significant impact on the market as these delicacies have been long awaited.

Mimi Lam, CEO of cannabis retailer Superette, said the boost in available products is likely to draw people away from illegal dispensaries and into legal ones.

“There’s a lot here to be excited about,” said Mimi Lam, CEO of cannabis retailer Superette. “I’m really looking forward to selling things like hash and resin when those become legal.”

This is the first time a full product lineup has been disclosed ahead of the legalization date in October, and companies are hoping that it will help the legal market to even out the playing field.

The OCS announced it will work with licensed producers on procuring these products. Industry experts are pointing to the fact that a large part of the market will get involved by introducing edibles and beverages, as smoking cannabis isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea.

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