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Vape pens have been extremely popular among cannabis users ever since they first started trending. Companies producing these nifty little cloud factories are increasingly growing in value, as they’re expanding from the e-cigarette niche onto the cannabis scene.

A company producing state-of-the-art vape pens called JUUL was recently sold to one of the biggest tobacco conglomerates around, for a staggering amount of over $13 billion dollars.

Vape pens are the latest big thing in the world of cannabis because they simplify the consumption of canna-oils, but also thicker extracts such as THC distillates for instance.

Let’s explore various vape pens so we can determine which ones are best suited for specific types of extracts.

What is a vape pen?

A vape pen is a small electronic tool made for inhaling medical and recreational cannabis.

Vape pens are quite similar to vaporizers, the biggest difference being that vaporizers traditionally aren’t designed for oil.

A vape pen usually has four major parts:

  1. Battery
  2. Atomizer/cartridge slot
  3. Coil
  4. Mouthpiece

These are the standard parts that every vape pen has. The battery powers the tool, and of course has to be recharged every once in a while.

Battery chargers for these tools are very similar to a USB cable-type charger ,and you get one with a new pen in 99% of cases. If you buy a pen from some shady street vendor you might not get it, but other than that it should always come with the set.

The coil is a part which heats up and vaporizes the extracts.

On some pens, it’s located right under the oil chamber, and you activate it by pushing down on a button. Other pens have insertable cartridges with an atomizer right below the cartridge space, and they are fully automatic.

Lastly, the mouthpiece. I don’t think there’s much to discuss here, so we’re casually moving along…

Is a vape pen the same as a vaporizer?

As previously mentioned, people often correlate vape pens with vaporizers. They are very much alike, but definitely not the same.

First of all, some vaporizers can’t be handheld. They are strictly meant for desktop use, such as the Arizer Extreme Q and the Volcano Vaporizer.

Vape pens are usually much smaller and slimmer, easily fitting in the palm of the hand – hence the name vape pen.

Another thing that makes them different is the type of material they are intended for.

Vape pens are used for oils exclusively, and some vaporizers can be used for oils, but they are mostly intended for weed and hash.

Vape pens also tend to have a much shorter lifespan, because in my time I’ve seen at least a dozen break, while my vaporizer has yet to fail me.

Can vape pen cartridges be refilled?

Vape pens usually come in two variants: with refillable cartridges, or with replaceable cartridges. I don’t have a preference between the two, as both variants work just fine.

Vape pens that have replaceable cartridges are meant to be used, and once you vaporize the content of the cartridge – you discard the entire cartridge.

Vape pens with stronger atomizers usually have refillable cartridges.

So, here’s my endless conundrum: I want to be more environment-friendly, and I want to avoid throwing away dozens of plastic/glass cartridges every week. That’s a big “turn off” for me when it comes to choosing accessories.

However, it’s very hard to come by dabs that you can easily pack inside a vape pen, and if you have chunky fingers like me, you are in constant danger of spilling your cannabis oil.

So yes, cartridges can be refilled technically speaking, but it’s really a hustle and vape pens with 510 threads are very common. You can buy 510 cartridges for cannabis oil almost anywhere as they are legal.

Are vape pen batteries and chargers universal?

Not all vape pens have universal batteries and chargers, but seeing how a majority of these products are manufactured in China, many of them are interchangeable.

Many vape pens use a 510 thread which connects the cartridge with the battery.

This type of thread allows you to exchange cartridges of any vape-pen type, as long as the cartridge can be screwed onto the 510 thread.

Most vape pens are charged with a micro-USB port, however, certain brands have different ports.

What vape pen do I need?

This depends entirely on your what you look for in a vape pen.

The type of pen you require is determined by these 3 questions:

  1. What type of material do you plan on consuming?
  2. What do you expect from your vape pen? (charging time, battery life, etc)
  3. How much are you prepared to pay?

So, before you go into a vape store and make a compulsive decision to buy a pen that might not even be suited for you, take a look at our list of the best vape pens to have in 2019.

Don’t forget, figure out what you look for in a vape pen, and find the perfect one in accordance with your desires.

Best vape pens in 2019

There are many vape pens out there, so if you don’t like the ones being sold in your vicinity, why not order one online?

There are many retailers selling their vape pens on Amazon, and some of them have official websites as well.

Since all these pens are meant to be used for oil, I won’t separate them according to material, but rather by their price. In order to make everyone’s pockets happy, I’ve split them into 3 price categories.

Best vape pens under $25

Trap 450

The cheapest, but nonetheless an excellent vape pen is the Trap 450 All in One Oil Vape Pen.

This pen has a refillable chamber which opens and refills quite easily, because it has a top fill design which really simplifies things. The Trap is small and elegant, unlike some bulkier ones that are also in this price range.

Trap 450 vape pen

The Trap 450 has three different temperature modes, a preheat mode, and it comes with a USB charger and a ready-to-fill 510 tank.

Best of all – you can get it for less than $15 USD.

G Slim

The best vape pen under $25 USD that I ran across is the G Slim Vaporizer With Quartz.

Not only is this vape pen a beauty to behold, but it also works with herbs if you add the ground material tank, which costs an additional $12.95.


The G Pen company has been perfecting their technology for years now, and the G Slim is a perfect example how a mid-cost vape pen should perform.

It comes with a wireless USB charger, meaning you connect your pen and the USB directly, and then you stick the charger in your computer (or a USB outlet).

You can also purchase a wall adapter in order to charge it faster, which sets you back an additional $11.95, but there’s really no need for that.

Best Vape Pens under $50

Bug Rx

The next one on our list is the Bug Rx, priced at $39.95. That’s pretty much the same price you’d pay for a G Slim with all its add-on’s.

The Bug Rx has a powerful 1100Mah coil that will give you the thickest clouds of vapor you’ve seen. Most users say the Bug has a great battery life, and that ordering 2 pens together when buying the Bug Rx is always a good call.

Bug RX vape pen

It’s available in silver stainless steel, and smooth touch black colorways.

With the pen you’ll get one “Stealth Anti-leak Magnetic Cap”, and one 1.2 Ω Atomizer Coil, which is the most powerful coil on this list.

The Yocan (R)Evolve

The Yocan (R)Evolve comes with a dual quartz coil, making it the first pen on our list with such an impressive heating system.

This pen can provide you up to 10 seconds of continuous heating if that’s something you’re looking for. The resulting vapor is pure, clean-tasting, and very flavorful.

Yocan (R)evolve vape pen

This device is available in 5 different colors, and due to the nature of the double coils, it is a bit thicker comparing to the other vape pens on this list.

It still easily fits in any pocket, and of course in the palm of your hand.

The Yocan (R)Evolve comes with two dual quartz rod atomizers (universal 510 threading), one dabbing tool, one coil can, and a USB charger.

As far as accessories go, this is more than what most manufacturers offer.

Best Vape Pens under $100

Puffco Plus

This is the heir to the Puffco’s first vape pen. Puffco Plus has some very interesting features, which clearly distinguish it from the competition.

The first feature is its incredible mouthpiece which also serves as a carb cap, loading tool, and a splash guard.

Puffco plus vape pen

Puffco Plus has 3 different heat modes, and this pen can also release vapor continuously for 12 seconds, by pressing the main button twice. This way you can receive a “full medicated dose”, according to the manufacturers.

Puffco Plus is made for concentrates only, meaning that you can only use it for CO2 oil, BHO and such.

Vapour2 The Pro (Series 3X)

The last one on our list is the newest Vapour2 pen – The Pro Series 3X.

This elegant tool has been worked on and perfected by its manufacturers for several years, making this third series the best offering from the company so far.

The Pro comes in 3 colors: carbon, crimson, and gunmetal. It can also be used for vaping dry herbs if you buy a “Loose Leaf Cartridge”.

Pro3 3x vape pen

The ceramic heater produces a clean pure-flavor profile. The capacity of the battery has been upgraded to 750mAh since the last version, extending the duration of your sessions.

The newest version of The Pro has a variable voltage, variable temperature, and the same excellent airflow as its predecessor.

The motion activated LED battery will show you how much power is still has, so you’ll never be disappointed in the middle of a vaping sesh.

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