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Greenbox is an automatic dispensary machine that is currently being distributed to a few dispensaries in the U.S. Think of it like an ATM, but rather a BTM—Bud Tender Machine.

The machine was invented by Zack Johnson, a former music industry executive from Massachusetts who is now the company’s CEO.

Johnson came up with the idea while waiting in a long dispensary line.

The machine features a touch screen (again, like an ATM) on which you can select either edibles, flower or vaporizers.

It is up to each dispensary to choose how to stock their machine, Johnson explained on the company’s website, and the product is stored in a temperature-controlled safe.

The machine also features a camera at its top for facial recognition to verify users.

Once the customer has made their selection, a robotic arm then dips into the appropriate bin and suction cups up the selection, harkening back to those love-it-or-hate-it arcade robotic arm machines.

The customer then pays with debit on the machine, and can use either Apple or Android Pay.

The whole experience takes less than three minutes, Johnson claims.

“From the moment we step out the door, our whole daily lives are simplified by the wonders of modern day automation,” the website says. “So why should your cannabis and CBD be any different?”

Greenbox made its debut at California dispensary Erba Markets in January 2019, which has branded the box “Erba Express Checkout, Powered by greenbox Robotics.” It is also available at dispensary Marina Caregivers in California.

So far, the machine has generated around $20,000 in revenue for Erba within a month, and the owners have plans to roll out five more machines.

The machine took two years to design, research and develop with the help of COO and lead engineer Peter Boyle.

The team is also currently developing an app that allows customers to learn about new items, participate in a rewards program or view their purchases.

The greenbox is complemented by a CBD-specific machine called the marinabox, which sets itself from its THC-counterpart with a blue colour instead of green.

CBD company Select liked the marinabox so much that they co-branded some to be used for an upcoming Vice magazine party at SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

Johnson hopes to one day put marinaboxes in malls, hotels and airports.

CBD is legal in all 50 states, according to greenbox, giving it better distribution potential than THC-dominant cannabis in the U.S. currently.

Johnson says that more orders of the machine have been placed in Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, Kentucky and Nevada, according to Forbes.

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