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Nina Limone by Colorado Seed Inc. is a pungent strain with a
tropical-flavored profile. Like the smell of real fruits, it invigorates the
senses and gets rid of tiredness, especially when it is smoked. However, it has
trouble staying healthy in the northern hemisphere. Its yields are small,
making it unsuitable for mass production.

The breeders took Flo. The award-winning cannabis comes from Afghani Indica, one of the sturdiest strains to hit the market. It has a thick frame and dense buds. Not to mention, its yields are high and can be harvested multiple times in a growing period.

Crossing Nina Limone and Flo resulted in Flo Limone. The
Sativa-leaning bud is a potent strain with THC levels that average at 24%. It
has a powerful head high that improves the mood, raises motivation, and
enhances focus.

Users can also turn to its soothing body high. Upping the
dosage within tolerance levels brings out its sedating qualities. Its deeply
relaxing effects settle into a heavy-limbed buzz that lulls users into
unencumbered sleep.

Our Flo Limone Strain Review

  • Effects
  • Fragrance
  • Flavors
  • Adverse reactions
  • Medical
  • Growing
  • Flowering time

Information About Flo Limone Strain

ORIGIN Flo and Nina Limone
EFFECTS Euphoric – 10
Uplifted – 9
Happy – 9
Focused -8
Relaxed – 4
FRAGRANCE Tropical, sweet, citrus, lemon, incense
FLAVORS Herbal, lemon, citrus, sweet, tropical
MEDICAL Lack of appetite – 10
Stress – 7
Fatigue – 3
Insomnia – 3
Pain – 3
CBD % Unknown
INDOOR YIELD 12 to 16 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 16 ounces or more per plant
CLIMATE Mediterranean climate
GROWTH LEVEL Some experience needed

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Flo Limone is a quick-acting strain that delivers its
effects almost immediately after the first puff. However, users should remember
to be careful. Its powerful head high has the potential to overwhelm the mind.
Setting boundaries keeps the high pleasant.

Flo Limone Strain Effects
Flo Limone Strain Effects – Image powered by

It introduces a rush of euphoria during the onset that
uplifts the mood. A behavioral change is visible with minutes. Users seem
happier as smiles paint the face. The same mental clarity also sharpens the
senses. It enhances focus while the upbeat disposition raises motivation.

After about an hour or two, a light pressure forms around the temples. It releases tension and expands tightened muscles. Replacing it is a soothing sensation that continues to relax users. In all likelihood, one will feel flexible like a well-oiled machine.

With that said, Flo
Limone best used mid-morning or early afternoon. It has a wake-and-bake start
that tapers into a heavy-hitting buzz that settles into the limbs. Using it
beyond moderation will result in deep slumber.

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Flo Limone has a tropical
aroma that energizes the senses at the first whiff. It is slightly sweet but
mostly citric especially once it is broken apart. Combusting it, on the other
hand, reveals a lemon-scented terpene profile similar to burnt incense.


Tantalizing the
palate is an initial blend of herbs enhanced by the taste of squeezed of lemon.
It has a citric overtone with sweet undertones. On the exhale, it leaves a
tropical aftertaste.

Adverse reactions

Apart from the usual red eyes and a cottonmouth, it is possible for users to experience dizziness while smoking Flo Limone. This common reaction is usually due to the dry spell, but it can also be caused by excessive use. Moderation is essential to keep the strain’s potent effects from disorienting the mind.


Flo Limone has
immense therapeutic qualities. Among its best features is its medicinal aroma
of mixed herbs and lemon which open the lungs and invigorate the senses. Meanwhile,
its THC and CBD compounds provide relief to patients suffering from mental and
physical afflictions.

Relieving stress is among Flo Limone’s best uses. It has an uplifting head high that improves the mood and temporarily pushes back negative thoughts. It reduces the side effects of chronic stress which can exacerbate a multitude of problems. At the same time, it manages similar symptoms from depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Flo Limone Strain Medical
Flo Limone Strain Medical – Image powered by

On the other hand,
its tranquilizing sensation kneads the muscles free of tension. It blankets users
in a deeply relaxing buzz that soothes aches and pains all over. Its soothing
capabilities translate to the gastrointestinal tract as well. It eases cramps
and contractions in the stomach that interfere with food as it is processed by the
stomach. Meanwhile, its enlivening properties stimulate the appetite so
patients with eating disorders like anorexia can eat heartily.

The deep mental and
physical relaxation frees users from the throes of health issues. It entices
users to go to bed early. And, with its sedating properties, it enhances the
quality and quantity of sleep.


Flo Limone is a
sturdy strain due to the introduction of Flo to its Nina Limone genes. It has a
thick frame that help keep it healthy regardless of the weather conditions. Because
of this, it has a short flowering period when cultivated in the northern hemisphere.

Flo Limone Strain Growing
Flo Limone Strain Growing – Image powered by

It will need to be topped early if cultivated indoors. The tall plant can hinder its own growth by inhibiting light and air circulation in the lower nodes. Topping will keep its height manageable.

Pairing it with the
Screen of Green method is also helpful. The growing technique requires placing
a screen a few inches above the canopy. Afterward, growers must weave the
branches into the net as it continues to grow. In this way, one creates an even
canopy that distributes light evenly to all the budding sites. It also brings up
the lower nodes, so it absorbs more light and grows better.

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Flowering Time

Growers can expect a short indoor flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks from Flo Limone. Once ready for harvest, it yields between 12 to 16 ounces of buds per square meter.

Flo Limone flowers from the last second or third week of October up to the last few days of the same month. It produces at least 16 ounces of buds per square meter at harvest.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Flo Limone? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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