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Hello, I’m for feminist movement and cannabis legalization. With an introduction like this you could expect to be lifted on shoulders, like someone lifted celebrating a victory, but not, sadly in 2018, introducing yourself this way you have more probabilities to be pointed as a criminal or social shaker. Probably this post is the last you expected to read in a blog that usually writes about cannabis growing, but you know, today I woke up activist.

Feminist movement origins

For those who live in clouds (and I don’t mean a THC cloud), feminist movement promotes the equality between human beings of different sex. For those less involved, the feminist concept could seem an expression that tries to claim the women status over men, but it’s not like this. The feminist movement stands for equality of labour rights and oportunities between men and women, questioning the male dominant position on women, as well as social roles acquired by these due this domination.

Even the social equality was spoken centuries before us, the ethimology of the feminist word (from the french féminisme) was formed in late XIX century taking as a root the latin word “femina” and the suffix “isme”. Was back in 1880 when Hubertine Auclert gave the term the actual connotation, giving the movement seeking social and political justice for women.
Since then, many women became popular for sharing these equality aim, defending it from different political and economical positions.

Hubertine Auclert

Influence of feminism in modern society

Thanks to the progress got by feminist movement, nowadays we can see the change in the way of thinking of many modern societies, in aspects like education, vote rights or sexual rights (this point still awakes many taboos, specially in people from religious spheres). The improvements in these fields, even being significant, still show how many differences there are today (wage differences and also in oportunities) depending on sex, so there’s much more to do.

Company and equality

Arrived to this point, as someone working for a private company, I ask myself: How does the sector I work in act? As many have realized, there is an incontestable majority of men in cannabis sector what makes me think… Is it that women do not consume cannabis, or is it they don’t grow cannabis? Nothing could be further from truth. So why is it so rare to meet a woman buying in a grow shop, teaching others how to grow cannabis, or as a responsible of a cannabis garden? I looked for answers and nothing was conclusive, so I ask myself: Is it that clients (men) don’t trust answers given by a woman who grows? My experience after more than 10 years taking care of growers who come to our grow store is that there is a large majority of men in this sector, and that sets many of the attitudes appreciated in it. But does this mean that women have been set apart by this sector? Maybe I’m bit too sensitive, but in my modest opinion (not pretending to ofend anybody except some sexist), a young sector like cannabis sector should demonstrate this acts are things from the past, so if we pretend to build a better future, there is no room for these attitudes. Treat women as an object is something backward, and is our job to think about it, and change it.

Advertising in cannabis sector

So many sexist images come to my mind when I think about cannabis world. Sure you have seen more than once advertising in cannabis magazines with women (partially or totally naked) showing a product, labels of a nutrient with a girl in it in doggy-style position showing a slogan that says “Plant Penetrator”, brand models in cannabis fairs who distribute advertising to everybody, magazines asking for pictures of women with their plants rewarding them with some seeds as a gift… And so on with a long list of advertising actions with high sexist content.

advanced wetBetty

I’m personally ashamed of these behaviours, and also from the fact that these marketing brainers think that placing a seductive girl next to a product could make me go and buy the product. But way further of my personal thoughts what is a fact is that these behaviours are a total lack of respect for women (no matter if they economically work or not).

It is also overstanding (an not in a positive way) that with the recent interest for CBD products (not as a medicine as for its benefits as beauty supplements) many brands appeared targeting their efforts in arriving to female sector (again a clear example of their vision of women as a thing). And I write overstanding, because it seems “curious” to me that the only cannabis advertising focussing women is related to cosmetics.

The green hope

No doubt, cannabis legalization is a source of hope for many (no matter the gender), as it could carry medicinal, social and economical benefits, in a moment where the lack of good news is total.

Ringing around this article, a see many lights of hope, as there are companies that maybe don’t publicly pronounce about this subject, but they do act under feminist ideal (what from my point of view deserves them even more respect, as they don’t show off about something that should be normal).

To my mind comes Canna, an international company, known by most of us. Maybe you know the brand, but you don’t know its maximum responsible in Spain is a woman, as you probably don’t know one of their most known and respected reps in Spain is a woman too. With these words I pretend to say that their other crew is not valid? NO. The only I put on the table is this company is compromised with equality (in addition to the to the quality of the product sold) what deserves all my respect.

Reviewing social media, there is a clear increase in the number of bloggers, instagramers, twitters related to cannabis (from this lines we aim you to follow them if you are into these social mediums). Accounts in spanish like @dra_weed, @BarragansMaria, @mujerescannabis @cannamuyer, @badilandia, @carolaperez, @happyseedgirl or in english from which I personally enjoy @missradreefer are recommended, and inspiring, besides being a clear sign of their skills as growers/activists.

instagram missradreefer

Talking with women who stand for cannabis legalization

Writing this post I have spoken with some partners in cannabis sector, and I really like their answers to my questions, each one of them defending her personal positioning besides her vision of collective.

On one side there is the most critic sector (in which I include myself), with a clear message of complain against some common practices in this sector, that try to discredit women, their skills and also their knowledge.

On the other side there is a sector thankful for the support received, that stand for the fact they arrived to their position in this sector with lots of efforts, knowledge, and many many hard work.

It’s clear then that , in this sector as in most, women have worked even harden than men to get their job.

Feminism and cannabis legalization

So, some of you may be asking yourself: What’s the relationship between all this and cannabis legalization? There is:

Feminisim and cannabis legalization are young movements, current and protesting, both sharing the need to show the world how important is for society to respect its members. Not for being better or worst, only because different doesn’t mean bad. Because, beloved readers, differences in a group make it more plural, so more influent.

Sooner or later cannabis will be recognized as a plant able to heal, totally or partially, many dolences and illness, and that day cannabis legalization will be a fact. What’s necessary to reach that moment… time will tell. What I do know is that to achieve that moment, many people make a daily effort, and we can not build a hoping future on sexists foundations. Here all help will be welcome, no matter its sex.

Sadly, there are many sexists out there, but if someone is able to analyze the daily dropping of sexists ideas in which we navigate, and decide to think about them, the future will be bright.

From here, and taking advantage of tomorrow is March 8th (world women’s day) I aim you to stand for equality of rights, and also to put your piece to build a better society.

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