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Adam Smith and Betty Aldworth join guest host Dan Goldman to review and discuss 14 television ads being run in support and against various marijuana ballot initiatives going up for vote next week. Produced by Shea Gunther.

Published: November 1, 2016

Length: 1:09:25

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News links:

  • “Arkansas medical marijuana group renews court fight after Issue 7 rejection“
  • “Fairbanks vendor rolls out Alaska’s first legal pot“
  • “Shoppers Drug Mart formally applies to distribute medical marijuana“

Adult Use Ads:


  • No on Prop 64
  • Yes on Prop 64 (Safeguards)
  • Yes on Prop 64 (Revenue)


  • No on Prop 205 (Think Again)
  • No on Prop 205 (Twinkle)
  • Yes on Prop 205 (You Decide)


  • No on 2 (Wrong)
  • Yes on 2 (Ease Their Pain)


  • No on 1 (Can You Spot the Marijuana in these Products?) *Video partway down page*
  • Yes on 1 (It’s About Time)


  • No on 4 (You Be The Judge)
  • Yes on 4 (Retired Boston Police Lieutenant)

Medical Use Ads:


  • No on 2 (Pot Candy)
  • Yes on 2 (Marijuana Relief)



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Photo: Democracy Chronicles/Flickr

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