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Hello Evergreen Team,

I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am for each of you and how proud I am of this team that has stayed positive, flexible, and committed to keeping things running smoothly during this crisis. As a retailer that has been permitted to stay open, we have a huge responsibility to be examples of COVID19 prevention measures, not just while at work, but throughout our home lives, as well. The health of our staff and community depends on it.

To ensure that each of us is doing what we need to, please observe each of these points and be aware of the following resources:

  • Read through and abide by the store guidelines coming to you from Leilani.
  • Each of us has the ability and responsibility to prevent the spread of COVID19. This means:

o   Socially isolating yourself outside of work as much as possible. I recognize that many of you are in this job because you are social people. Please recognize that minimizing contact with people outside of work prevents the spread of COVID19.

o   Self-quarantining if you have known or suspected exposure to COVID19No employee who elects to self-quarantine will have their employment terminated for doing so. 

o   Listening to your body and monitoring your temperature. A fever is the leading indicator of infection. If you’re not sure if you should come to work, take your temperature, and if you have a fever, call out sick. Again, no employee who elects to self-quarantine will have their employment terminated for doing so. 

o   Observing the general safe practices outlined by the CDC here (print a version of this to share with staff if you haven’t already). Please read this and make sure you are complying with all of these measure.

o   Cleaning your phone, tablet, etc. regularly. These are likely the highest-touch surface in your life. Click here for tips for cleaning your phone.

  • Please read this attachment titled Sick Leave and other COVID HR FAQs. This outlines the various resources available to you as an employee of Evergreen Market and through Washington state.


I am grateful that we are permitted to continue operating, but most important is the safety of each of you. This situation remains fluid, so we will continue to provide updates as our operating model evolves.


We can all work together to minimize the impact of COVID19. Thank you for being part of this team; let’s keep each other, our customers, and your loved ones healthy.


 With gratitude,


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