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A man recorded himself taking 20 hits of LSD and posted it on Twitter, which resulted in him getting banned from a music festival.

On Sunday, Pete Townshend (not to be confused with the member of The Who), tweeted a video where he swallows a sheet of acid containing 20 tabs altogether. Although there’s no standard dose for a single tab, on average, a hit can be anywhere between 30 to 200 micrograms of LSD.

Matthew Meadow at Your EDM estimated that Townshend consumed around 2 milligrams of LSD, which is anywhere between 10 to 100 times the average dose.

Townshend, whose Twitter handle is @humantestkit, recorded the mega-dosing at a Kosmic Events music festival. And one of the festival organizers wasn’t too happy about his attendee’s public drug use.

“You will not be allowed at Kosmic events in the future,” Daniel Green, the owner of Kosmic Events, tweeted to Townshend. “This is just brutally irresponsible. We have your full legal name and pictures, and if you come onto the property next year, you will be arrested immediately.”

When one Twitter user accused Green of sounding “like a cop,” he replied: “I sound like the owner of a festival who had a to deal with a dumb ass on 20 hits of acid.”

Although drug use is common at EDM festivals, irresponsible use is frowned upon by both the electronic music community and event organizers. Recording said irresponsible drug use and broadcasting it on one of the world’s largest online platforms is pretty stupid, too.

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Fortunately, Townshend recognized the egregious error and expressed his regrets.

“Never take 16 tabs in a public setting, guys. It’s very bad for the people around you, and jeopardizes the safety of the commune,” Townshend wrote. “They are meant to heal, not destroy.”

Although Townshend initially stated he only dropped 16 tabs of acid, he later noted that he miscalculated and actually ate 20.

How did someone take that much acid and not freak-the-fuck out? The brain’s tolerance to LSD rapidly increases with successive trips. The general rule is if someone tripped yesterday, they would need to double the dose to trip again today. And to trip again tomorrow, they’d need to take double the day-two dose, and so on. That said, an individual’s particular tolerance is not set in stone, and the average acid consumer just shouldn’t eat a sheet of blotter paper in one sitting. 

It should also be noted that if you’re going to trip, you probably shouldn’t do it two days in a row. Give your brain a break.

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