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We know they are far from the madding crowd down there in Devon but may we suggest reading the Brighton Argus before launching your business and giving local media headlines like this “The CBD shop selling cannabis-infused coffee in Exeter – and it’s all totally legal”

To be fair the report highlights legal issues but we’d suggest Mr Hejda is indeed, skating on thin ice.

Devon Live reports..

Selling cannabidiol (CBD) oil has become a big business to get into now that it’s becoming widely accepted the life-changing health benefits it can offer, but misconceptions around it are still proving challenging to overcome as an Exeter shop owner found this week.

Just a day after a police raided ‘cannabis shop’ the Holy Smoke in Plymouth, Ondrej Hejda, who opened Devon Hemp in Exeter around three months ago, was visited by police.

The informal visit was sparked by questions raised by members of Exeter City Council who were unsure about what the premises is selling and the 37-year-old was happy to show police how he specialises in offering high quality hemp food supplements.

Ondrej, who used to own the Head Shop in City Arcade before planning permission was given to turn the area into student flats, is hoping to start growing and processing his own hemp at a friend’s farm in Devon to make it a locally-sourced product.


Ondrej Hejda is the owner of Devon Hemp
Ondrej Hejda is the owner of Devon Hemp (Image: Matthew Carter/Devon Live)

Within the next few months he is also planning to host educational workshops in the shop to bust the myths surrounding CBD.

Ondrej said: “When I had to move the business I decided to specialise in hemp products. Even in my old shop I was into hemp and now it has become legal and more people know that people have started to realise how beneficial it is I have chosen to sell it as a food supplement.”

Customers can pop into the shop in Market Street, next to Exeter Exotics, for a tea, coffee or freshly-baked cookies or brownies containing CBD extract.

Its most popular product is its CBD pure raw extract (66 per cent) costing £30 and typically lasts around 20 days. Its next bestseller is its CBD vape liquid, followed by its brownies which Ondrej makes himself. Other products include balms and CBD sweets.



Meanwhile in Bristol more of the same.

 A new café selling treats infused with cannabis is coming to the UK – but you’ll have to travel.

The eatery, which will have food and drinks infused with cannabis on the menu, is opening in Bristol.

The new shop will open in the city centre this week.

Mary Jane’s (get it?) will give customers the option of ordering a selection of food and drinks.

These include coffees, smoothies and milkshakes, and they can contain CBD if they wish, BristolLive reports.


Ok who’s taking bets that after Jamie Oliver’s corporate issues over the past few weeks , we won’t see him mid 2020 launching a chain along similar lines. Goodbye UK Italian eateries  hello to CBD cafes in every UK high street.

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