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Apparently, bad weather in Colorado helps with weed sales.

In March, Colorado became ground-zero for a “bomb cyclone,” which is basically a hurricane with snow instead of rain. Meteorologists warned Centennial State residents that the bomb cyclone — which hit on Wednesday, March 13 — could shut down businesses for days, which prompted some forward-thinking cannabis customers to prepare for a frigid shut-in.

How did this play out for pot shops? According to a joint report from the analytics firms Flowhub and Headset, 50 of Denver’s cannabis retailers saw a 27 percent spike in sales on the Monday leading up to the storm, compared to average Mondays. On Tuesday, weed sales were 25 percent higher, compared to average Tuesdays.

Statewide, Flowhub found that weed sales went up 21 percent between that Monday and Tuesday.

According to Marijuana Business Daily, At least one dispensary capitalized on the bad weather. The Colorado Harvest Company offered a special “Bomb Cyclone” discount: $16 for an eighth of weed.

“It wasn’t mind-blowing,” Tim Cullen, the owner of the Colorado Harvest Company, told Marijuana Business Daily. “But it was definitely a Friday rush on a Tuesday.”

However, the sales spike didn’t benefit every cannabis business. One dispensary experienced a dismal opening day, scheduled on the Wednesday of the bomb cyclone, due to power outages caused by the storm’s intense winds.

The analysis also found that flower sales topped transactions between March 11-12, and concentrates made up the smallest portion of sales. Presumably, no one wanted to stock up on ice-water hash before temperatures dropped below zero.

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