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During a weekend retreat, congressional Democrats played a weed trivia game to test their knowledge of nuggery.

According to a Politico reporter present at the retreat, Democrats met to discuss upcoming policy changes. The retreat ended with a trivia game, which asked questions about cannabis laws, culture, and science during its “New Green Deal” segment, a double entendre for both marijuana and the Democrats’ proposed climate change bill.

Finalists included Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), the lead sponsor of the actual New Green Deal, as well as Reps. Katie Hill (D-CA) and Ruben Gallego (D-AZ). The two congresswomen reportedly got the right answer to the question, “There are two main types of marijuana: indica and ____.”

(Which is “sativa,” by the way.)

Ultimately, Gallego won the game after correctly defining what a “gravity bomb” was, reported Marijuana Moment. The question likely meant “gravity bong,” a MacGyver-like DIY toking device that utilizes a plastic bottle and a container filled with water to draw copious amounts of weed smoke from a bowl.

As the Democratic Party embraces marijuana legalization, some of its leaders still oppose cannabis reforms. During a recent panel interview, former US Vice President and current presidential contender Joe Biden applauded an anti-marijuana rant delivered by fellow panelist Bertha Madras, Ph.D. In the past, Madras has opposed all cannabis legalization, including medical marijuana reform.

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