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Dear Licensees and Stakeholders,

MED leadership is aware that this is an especially stressful time for business owners and employees given the uncertainties that COVID-19 poses locally, nationally and internationally. We want to assure you that we hear your concerns, we’re actively contemplating your questions, and we greatly appreciate your suggestions and ideas.

This is a moment when it’s critical that all of us as stakeholders acknowledge the single most important interest we all value – public health and safety. We also know that we will successfully navigate this unprecedented episode of unpredictability and ambiguity if we’re in partnership and we endeavor to understand our mutual challenges. Please know that MED leadership is engaged in ongoing and intensive consultation with key decision-makers and resources, including Governor Polis’ Special Advisor on Cannabis, Ean Seeb, the State Licensing Authority, and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). This dialogue helps ensure alignment with health and wellness mandates and that we’re attempting to be responsive to your challenges. This discussion is helping us identify the path that will protect public health and safety of consumers and the community, while protecting the continued vitality of Colorado’s licensed marijuana space.
DOR and MED recognize that at moments like this our support to licensees can be crucial. As a result MED remains open for business. The only planned modification is that commencing on Wednesday, March 18, MED will deliver services remotely without the in-person option at our offices. Our ability to continue to serve you is absolutely dependent on the health of our staff, and we think we can improve the likelihood of their availability if they focus on communication with the public via eGov, email, phone and US mail.
We have modified occupational licensing requirements to temporarily eliminate in-person licensing appointments. You will continue to have the full range of MED services available via email, mail-in and drop-off options at the Lakewood location for employee and business licensing, and via email and mail-in options for employee licensing at MED’s regional offices in Colorado Springs, Longmont and Grand Junction. All the available licensing options are outlined here, and updated applications with payment information are being uploaded to the MED website.

We will try hard to keep you apprised of evolving challenges and requirements for continued operations in line with local, state and federal guidance. We encourage all of you to follow CDPHE’s guidance about COVID-19, which you can find here. In the meantime we look forward to continued engagement and mutual support.


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