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What is CBD?

CBD is a product that has recently gained a lot of notoriety, especially among avid gym-goers and people looking to improve their diet. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a hemp-derived product. Hemp is closely related to the Cannabis Sativa plant, one which many know is the derived source of Marijuana. The difference between Hemp and Cannabis Sativa plants is the amount of THC. THC is the active compound that, when consumed, produces a ‘high’. CBD is the second most common compound in Cannabis Sativa, although the levels present in it are still fairly low. Hemp, on the other hand, contains high quantities of CBD, and very low, almost negligible quantities of THC.

CBD will not get you high. However, this is a great concept for users who want to seek the benefits without the distraction of a psychedelic buzz. Accompanied by the fact that CBD provides many scientific-based benefits to your mind and body, it makes for a great product for general well-being and even poses as an alternative to prescription drugs or other harmful medications.

Before diving into the specific workout and diet benefits, let us first discuss some of the general benefits one can expect from using CBD, as well as a brief insight as to how CBD works in the body.

Learning how different compounds work in the body is difficult and unnecessary for the average consumer. However, when briefly summarized in concise terms, it can be good to understand the science behind it. The science is also useful to know when deciding whether or not to implement a new product into our life.

To make a long story short, CBD works on a system in our body called the Endocannabinoid system. This system can be thought of as a wide collection of receptors that extend all throughout our body. Many of the receptors are found in the brain, muscles, and stomach. Recently, scientists learned that CBD binds directly to these receptors, allowing it to act on the major organs and areas of the body in an interesting way. Here are some of the ways that CBD can affect your body and mind when it binds to the Endocannabinoid receptors located all throughout your brain and major organs:

  • Reduced Anxiety (sense of calm)
  • Reduced Stress Levels
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Less Insomnia
  • Better skin health
  • Better Focus
  • Better Digestion
  • Reduction of Tumor Growth
  • Reduction of Neurodegenerative Diseases (eg. Alzeimers, Parkinsons)
  • And More!


As you can observe from the list above, CBD packs a hefty collection of benefits and even seems like a wonder-medicine. While this may be true, everyone reacts differently to certain dosages and you can only really know how it will affect you if you try it for yourself. If you choose to use CBD, also make sure to purchase it from a trusted vendor and avoid the many untrustworthy sources out there on the web.

As a side note, it may be appropriate to note that the side effects are almost negligible while using CBD. The most common arguably the only noteworthy side effect is tiredness, which likely stems fro the increased relaxation induced by CBD. This side effect is said to disappear in most users after regular use. In fact, increased levels of ‘clean’ energy can be expected when using a product such as CBD, which improves overall health and well being.

training CBD


How can CBD Improve your Diet and Workouts?

Ever heard people say that getting in shape is 70% about your diet and 30% about the exercise? The numbers may vary from person to person, but this is practically true for most people. Getting in shape through exercise only works if you implement an effective diet alongside your workout routine. So, how does CBD play a role in either of these?

The Workout

Don’t look at the numbers above and decide to quit working out altogether. I promise you, working out can provide dramatically quicker results than diet alone. The key to success when working out is healing your body after you are done. If your body and muscles aren’t healing, working out can literally be counter-productive.

Being an avid gym-goer myself, I have experience with this. Last year, I was working out two times a day, an hour of time for each workout. I thought that if I did double the exercise, the results would come twice as fast. I couldn’t be more wrong. I was working out so much that my body couldn’t heal itself properly. After a month of no gains of noticeable improvements, I changed back to once a day, and only 45 minutes each workout. After this, my body healed properly, and I made gains much quicker than before.

CBD is extremely helpful when it comes to healing your body after a workout. One of the most notorious benefits from CBD is the reduction of inflammation. This benefit allows that CBD can heal your muscles at a much quicker rate than your body can do naturally. The result is, you can work out more, with less rest time in between workouts, and still get quicker gains than before! Having recently implemented CBD into my life, I have found that I am healing much quicker and getting in shape faster than ever. I use CBD oil and drop it under my tongue right after my workout and it does wonders for me.

The Diet

Since CBD improves muscle healing, then you can forget about that 70% diet right? Well, you probably shouldn’t. While implementing CBD into your workouts is going to bring your results by itself, it is also useful to have a clean diet in order to exponentiate the results you are looking for. It just so happens that CBD will help you with your diet as well.

As many of us know, eating healthy is difficult. Why? Probably because in the times of high stress from our daily lives, we just don’t have the willpower to pick up the apple or broccoli, rather than the easy-to-eat, less healthy alternative (comfort food as I call it). Referring back to the list up above, CBD has another fantastic benefit which is the reduction of anxiety and stress. With low stress levels, we have much more willpower and can stay disciplined when it counts the most.

Altogether, the correct implementation of CBD into your daily life can lead to an extreme improvement in your diet and exercise goals, and can even bring you a collection of other benefits you weren’t looking for in the first place!


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