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While the rest of the country is working on solving the legal issues surrounding state-wide or nation-wide legalization, California is getting ready for the second edition of the War on Drugs.

This is the age of cannabis as many nations are working on updating and modernizing the laws surrounding marijuana.

California was one of the first states to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana, as the state approved Proposition 64 in 2016, and adult use cannabis became legal on January 1st, 2018.

However, we’ve all heard stories about how it’s next to impossible to grow anything more than a couple of plants in California, due to the zoning and taxing laws.

The costs of growing, and more importantly the paperwork needed to grow cannabis legally in California far outweighs the benefits a farmer would reap.

Governor Newsom calls up the Guard

This makes it so that farmers, growers, and breeders choose not to register with the government and take part in the black market, even if they’d like to be a part of the legal one.

Not knowing how to deal with this issue, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that he had tasked the National Guard with destroying illegal fields and unlicensed cannabis farms.

These illegal farms are located mostly in the northern half of the state in the so-called Emerald Triangle.

Governor Newsom relocated 360 members of the National Guard from the Mexican border to the Triangle area, of which 150 troops will be assigned to the National Guard Counterdrug Task Force.

Another 100 Guardsmen will target “criminals smuggling drugs and guns through existing border checkpoints”.

Newsom also pointed out how these illegal farms are starting to become an increasingly worrisome fire hazard to the forests in which they are found.

Meanwhile, on the federal repertoire, Senator Ted Cruz is fighting for the Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order (EL CHAPO) Act in the Senate.

This act would reroute the funds seized from the Sinaloa cartel into funding Trump’s border wall which has been much talked-about these last three, four years.

If this unlikely act does indeed pass all the hoops and loops in the Congress, maybe Governor Newsom won’t even have the need for soldiers at the border at all and he’ll just ship most of the National Guard up North.

However unlikely that scenario may be, it is not totally impossible that the state will implement further sanctions and preventive measures against illegal growers.

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