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City of Cotati


License Types

  • Cultivation
  • Retail (Storefront & Non-Storefront)
  • Manufacturing (Volatile & Non-Volatile)
  • Testing 
  • Microbusiness
 The deadline for submission is on March 11, 2019, by 4:20 p.m.

Applicants will be required to submit eight hard-copies of their application, one PDF version and pay a $3,000 licensing fee. 

Contra Costa County


License Types

  • (10) Cultivation
  • (4) Retail (Includes Delivery)
  • (2) Manufacturing 
 Application Requirements

  • Submit Letter of Intent with operation description and proof that they own or have a lease agreement in place for their specific location and pay the required filing fee of $500. 
  • If the LOI is accepted, applicants will be invited to submit a proposal for their operation.
    • A payment of $2,500 must be made with each proposal.
  • Proposals will be processed using a merit-based system which will score each applicant on the strength of their ownership group, location, security and operations plans and the sustainability of their operations.
  • Proposals will then be scored, ranked and the top applicants will then be allowed to apply for Land Use Permits. The Board estimates that invitation to apply for land use permits will be issued in September/October 2019.

All Letters of Intent must be submitted prior to 4:00 pm., April 4. Subsequent proposals, which will be by invitation only, are due on June 27 by 4 p.m.

City of San Fernando


License Types

  • Cultivation
  • Manufacturing 
  • Distribution
  • Testing

City’s Next Steps


The City’s Planning and Preservation Committee has made a recommendation to permit Non-Storefront Retail Delivery in the City, as well as Microbusinesses with non-storefront retail delivery services.

If the City Council approves the recommendations by the Planning and Preservation Committee, then the changes will be included as part of the motion for the first reading of the proposed Commercial Cannabis Ordinance. Upon the ordinance’s second and final readings, the changes will be incorporated into the language of the Code Amendment for City Council review and approval.

Staff was also directed to confer with the Ad Hoc committee to develop the application process, forms, and fees. The adoption of the amended ordinance could be expected in July 2019.

City of Pomona

City’s Next Steps

The City discussed adding Chapters 50 and 69, Cannabis Business Tax and Commercial Cannabis Businesses, at yesterday’s city council meeting.

The City Council is using an Hdl Impact Analysis Report that was submitted on September 5, 2018, regarding the Pomona Regulate Cannabis Act of 2018 Pursuant to Elections Code Section 9212.

We will have an up date in our next Week in Review.

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